[Web Wednesday] Hatoful Boyfriend Official Plush Project Kickstarter.

Hatoful Boyfriend. A game where you court pigeons. Which is more interesting than it may sound. This morning I stumbled on a Kickstarter for official plushies of the characters in game and I immediately had to back it. I backed the three pack for $25USD.

Pledge $25 or more

3 PACK! Set includes one 5″ (RYOUTA, OKOSAN, SHUU) plus each one gets a PVC key-chain. includes All digital content ( exclusive wallpaper), HATOFUL BOYFRIEND STEAM code, name on HB pledge page on esctoy.com)

If you pledge $12 more you can choose other pigeon plushies as well. Some are quite cute! I just can’t justify spending so more, especially with the awful Australian dollar exchange rate at the moment. Three charming pigeons are more than enough for me!

I haven’t played the game since it came on Steam. I downloaded it a long, long time ago. I look forward to receiving the Steam key and playing it again. I will be sure to record my choices and let you know how I go once I finish.

If you too want to back the Kickstarter you can find it here!


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