PokeKyun cards AKA the cutest Pokemon cards ever!

Recently Apricotsushi did an unboxing video for a box of PokeKyun cards and I thought they were the cutest cards that I had ever seen. I have always had a soft spot for collecting Pokemon cards and now that Japanese is my major; this is just research right? With Anne’s help I ordered my own set from Amazon.jp.


Inside the box contained twenty booster packs that consisted of four cards each.


I apologise in advance for the crummy photos. I had to use my phone which wasn’t focusing and it was an overcast day. The cards all have some kind of glittery embellishment on them which looks awesome in real life but makes photos challenging.


An example of the card. Covered in glitter, stars, zzz and a cloud. These are some of the most detailed cards that I have ever seen. For Pokemon at least.


These were my six favourite normal cards out of the box. You can see some of the embellishment on them. Dedenne is on an entirely different level.


These are my favourite cards that I pulled. EX cards are so exciting. I think they are brilliant. I love that the image extends down throughout the card. Pikachu is not an EX but it has the same design so I chose that one too! Out of all of them Sylveon is definitely my favourite. Just so cute!


I ended up with a few doubles but nothing too major. For now I will add them to my box of doubles from my other boosters until I find someone who wants to trade!


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