About Cilla vs. Games

G’day! Welcome to Cilla vs. Games!

Cilla vs. Games was created by myself in 2014 as a way to express my passion for video games. I have always enjoyed writing and I want to be able to share that passion and positivity with everyone that I meet. Originally,  Cilla vs. Games was a blog where I discussed events, games I liked and interesting things that I discovered on the internet. Over time as Cilla vs. Games grew in popularity through personal think pieces that gained traction; I was offered video game keys to review. It was through this moment that everything fell into place and I knew that this is the career that I wanted to work towards.

Cilla vs. Games aims to give equal representation to both AAA games and indie titles. No game is too popular or too small for us – in fact I am incredibly touched to help promote small indie developers in any way that I can. Studying Japanese has further enabled myself to dive deep into the world of video games and I am blessed to be able to share that with everyone that I meet.

As Cilla vs. Games has grown in size; I have been unable to keep up with reviews as a sole writer and I now have an amazing contributor who is an asset to Cilla vs. Games. I love developing relationships with readers and people who wish to write both! If this is something that resonates with you – you are at the right place!