On PewDiePie’s Response as to How Much Money He Makes.

Honestly, I don’t think Felix even had to respond to the backlash over how much money he makes. In 2015 why are we shocked that an entertainer is making money? Especially one with so many subs and views. I guess it all comes down to jealousy. People thinking that they work harder or deserve it more than Felix.

In all honestly I don’t often watch his videos. The only ones I used to watch are his non-gaming videos. I don’t see the problem with him making money. There’s more to YouTube than sitting down for six minutes, recording a video and them uploading it for bank. You have to actually think of the concept, record it and then spend a lot of time editing it before uploading it. At the rate he pumps videos out.. It’s a wonder he has any free time at all.

You hardly ever see people put down and called ‘undeserving’ of money in other industries. Singers who heavily rely on auto tune or are just generally crap never accumulate the same hate and often times they earn even more. Gamers are such a weird group of people. We can go from sticking together to hating on each other very easily. It’s such a weird thing to be a part of a community that can be so self hating.

To me PewDiePie’s success is great. Good for him. He’s worked hard for it. It’s proof that you CAN do something in the video game industry and make a career out of your passion. Maybe people could actually achieve that if they didn’t spend all of their time trolling the internet and leaving angry messages.

That’s just my two cents.


5 responses to “On PewDiePie’s Response as to How Much Money He Makes.

  1. I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business as to how much money he makes? I’m not sure who he is, but I don’t get it?

  2. Agree. I think he’s an inspiration. Before or even now, gamers are frowned upon by people; a loner, a waste of time, nerd, introvert, deviated from the society even scum. Now, these people give hope to people that things we do for fun can be our own career in life. I think he’s awesome. I was never fixated with the amount of money he earns. Brofist from the Philippines :3

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