[REVIEW] Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Episode 4 – Sons of Winter. [PS4]

Game of Thrones_20150802153846

What a mouthful the title is! Admittedly, I have been awfully slack. Truthfully I enjoy playing Telltale games although I struggle with the long wait between chapters. This is amplified by the fact that Telltale Games seem to release their chapters so sporadically. Therefore after my lukewarm experience with chapter three I completely stopped looking at anything related to the game. This has worked out well as I had two chapters to catch up on.

Game of Thrones_20150802154227

What I Liked

I enjoyed that Sons of Winter was in my honest opinion a major improvement on the story from the past episodes. A lot of the characters storylines have now taken interesting turns and I am actually wanting to know what happens next. This is noticeably the case with Mira. I disliked playing her story in the previous chapters. I always chose the worst choices for her just out of spite. Now I actually think the part she plays for the Forresters is really starting to get interesting.

The choices although pointless at the end of the day always stress me out. I never know what to do and the timer is additional heartache. I want to do the right thing for everyone (even Mira) and I just struggle! Did I say that it stresses me out? As a chronically indecisive person this is my favourite and least favourite aspect. Knowing that no matter what I choose the choice is only an illusion doesn’t help me at all.

What I Didn’t Like

I really don’t enjoy the art style. I hate it. I am sure it could look lovely if it was in an engine that actually worked most of the time. The painting style ends up just looking like a hot, blurry mess. I actually forgot that Lyman Lannister actually had the shakes and thought that was just the engine. I also had the game crash on me on towards the end of the episode. I know that the engine is awful but I enjoy the story telling so much that I can’t help myself but throw money at them.

Have My Choices

Game of Thrones_20150802171046


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