My Top Five Anime Villains (Spoilers)

Inspired by a NeoGAF topic I decided to write my own list of my favourite anime villains. These guys have really made the series for me. Later in the week I will write about Daily Life of High School Boys (男子高校生の日常) as I am just finishing it off now. Sorry for the delay! I have been super busy and not done anything other than planning life in almost a month. Anyway to the evil people! As a side note I am limiting my choices to one character per series!


5. Frieza

The reason I got up early each morning at my Grandma’s house before school. Quickly eating our Weet-Bix and toast cut into three pieces before sitting down to see what was happening on Namek. The reason he makes my list is because he is directly responsible for the genocide of the Saiyan race. At the same time I feel like he never fought just for the sake of it and only to protect his life. He was scared of dying as opposed to many other characters who embrace it. His death was a surprise and he was terrified as he was dying. He is definitely the most fleshed out villain in the series in my opinion.


4. Yagami Light

Watching Light progress from a normal student to a crazed killer is really interesting. It seems totally believable and makes you wonder what you would do in the same situation. Once he received the Death Note he initially had the best of intentions. Only getting rid of people who were criminals. Though this in turn led him to become a criminal himself and he had to continue to kill to cover his tracks. In the end he ended up killing a lot of innocent people to save his own back. Used his own family, his girlfriend, Rem and many others. I was heartbroken when Rem died and even more so when L died. L was the character who made the series so great and it definitely went downhill without him. So I guess Light killed the series too.


3. Lucy

Lucy/Nyu/Kaede. Whichever you prefer to call her. When I was thinking about who I wanted to include in this list I had almost forgotten her completely. Elfen Lied is one of my favourite animes of all time but I just didn’t consider her a villain. Technically she is though so! Her life is just so sad. Her mother was able to give birth to Diclonius who were able to reproduce instead of being sterile and was therefore the true origin of the Diclonius virus.

Orphaned. Befriended a puppy and then forced to watch it being beaten to death. Making a friend and then seeing him with someone else. Her friend sacrificed herself for her and Lucy surrendered herself to save her friend. Who then died anyway. After that she was captured and experimented on.Three years later she escaped and ended up with the friend she made when she was young – Kouta. If you haven’t read the manga I suggest you do as it is a lot more graphic and the end is a real ending. Not just a clock and a shadow!


2. Griffith

This one hurt me. I thought Griffith was so cute. I had such a crush on him. I thank the out-takes for that though as him singing in all sorts of odd situations was just the best. This one is my favourite.

Oh he was so good.. And he seemed so gay. I wouldn’t have minded a bit of Griffith and Guts but instead I just got a lot of rape. So that was a bit disappointing! Griffith being evil is good because you are led to believe that he is such an amazingly good character and then comes Femto. The anime ends at his creation but the manga continues the Femto action on.. For better or worse!


1. Uchiha Obito

Surprised? No? Not even a little bit? I was actually considering leaving him off of my list because I feel like I have told the whole world that he is the best character. I couldn’t do that though as I would be lying! So Obito is my favourite villain. Because he is totally easy to relate to. He was one good thing in his life and that is taken away from him and then he was nothing left. He’s still young and he is easily manipulated into thinking that Madara’s will is that of his own and he continues it on. Which is ironic as Madara is also being manipulated. Anyway so he causes or is in some way responsible for Kurama’s attack on the village that led to Naruto’s parents death and Naruto himself becoming Jinchuriki. The Uchiha slaughter. Creation of the Akatsuki. He’s the reason Kakashi has his Sharingan. He’s just so great,

That’s it. Who are your favourite villains?


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