Currently Playing/Watching/Reading


I‘m Currently Playing..

PS4 – Final Fantasy XIV

I am struggling to learn how to do Sephi EX. Lucky I have the help of my amazing FC.

PS4 – The Last Guardian

Trico is everything I could hoped he would be and more. I’m about half way through now and am really enjoying it!

3DS – Pokemon Sun

Just up to the third island! I need certain Pokemon for my team!

PC – Undertale

Just about to start this! I purchased it on sale and it’s one of the games I want to tick off of my backlog for February.


I’m Currently Watching..

Dragon Ball Super

Episode 34

What an interesting ride this series has been so far. After only ever watching a dub of Dragon Ball Z I find Goku’s character so, so different. It’s refreshing.


I’m Currently Reading..

Last updated: 19/02/17

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