Marvel’s Avengers – Review (2020)


Marvel’s Avengers is a Super Hero Action loot game that has layers of character development. Kamala Khan -the ultimate fangirl- is the main protagonist of the campaign. The player follows her on her journey from her assuming fangirl-like status to becoming a hero. Marvel’s Avengers starts with Kamala and her father Abu going to a special A day Fanfest event which sets the tone for her character.

Introductory gameplay elements allow the player to experience a small taste of Kamala’s personality and relationship with her father before becoming an Inhuman. I really liked how this aspect of her relationship added a personal touch to Kamala’s character. The initial goal during the opening act of the game is to collect five comics to gain VIP access to the balcony to watch the Avengers address the crowd.

For the most part the story of the campaign is well-paced. The first true taste of gameplay has the player escaping from New Jersey. This mission is one of the only ones that has a stealth element to it. After the escape from New Jersey, the player heads to the Badlands of Utah to meet up with the resistance. When Kamala arrives, there are no signs of life, but she soon encounters the Chimera Helicarier – guarded by the Hulk.

After being swarmed by the forces of AIM; Kamala and the Hulk team up becoming unlikely allies. Kamala and the Hulk synergize really well together. All of the heroes introduced during the campaign flow well together and any team can be successful which means that the player can choose personal favourites as opposed to being boxed into stereotypical strong characters. This is clearly a good thing as it promotes different builds, heroes, and status combinations being used together.

The campaign has a similar flow and intensity to that of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. That being said, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers exist in a universe separate than that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The voice acting was solid throughout the game and felt true to each character. The sound design does an excellent job of making certain missions feel heroic adding to player immersion. Marvel’s Avengers does a fantastic job using the PlayStation 4 controller’s rumble; immersing players into the campaign during the missions.

The four bosses introduced during the campaign are Task Master, Monica Rappaccini, Abomination, and Modak. These villains feel unique and each boss battle sequence is individually memorable. Some of these villains can be encountered in Villain Sector daily missions for worthwhile rewards. Villain Sector missions have an item level requirement. This is a good thing since you can achieve the item level by doing dailies and by complete hero challenge card missions.

I want to make it clear that this is not a complete game as it is clearly a a ‘game as a service’ game. New heroes, campaigns, missions, and villains will be introduced throughout the life cycle of this title. This hurts the initial launch period as there is not a huge variety of enemies to defeat. As the game progresses over time there will be a vast array of campaign missions, heroes, items, and villains added to Marvel’s Avengers. The first hero battle passes are available for free via the Hero Challenge card system. I believe Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that theses battle passes will act a little differently and won’t time out and expire on you, so you can complete them even when they are unavailable.

Daily Missions are very easy to accomplish while playing the campaign. There seems to be a few different types of Daily Missions. Dailies can be kill x amount of a certain enemy, do a certain type of mission two or three times, collect x amount of a certain resource. I am certain that as this game progresses there will be a variety of different dailies that are more unique than the ones currently available.

The combat in Marvel’s Avengers feels good and is kind of addicting. All heroes current and futures have both a melee and ranged option. The talent system is somewhat similar to that of Borderlands but is unique in the sense that each skill on the skill tree only requires a single point. There are three pages with different skill trees for each character both currently in the game and those who will be arriving in the future.

Before this article Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics had significantly reduced the drop rate of items, which is very problematic and takes away from the addictive nature and fun of the combat. The thrill of finding epic and exotic loot has been damaged by the recent patch. A similar thing happened during Borderlands 3’s launch but was quickly patched and fixed for the better. As of right now, there is no best in slot for each hero, but there are certain perks you want to try to get on your gear for your particular play style and different missions. Marvel’s Avengers end game is divided between a multitude of tasks such as leveling up to 50, getting up to item tier 130, Iconic Missions, Hives and Mega Hives, Faction Missions, and Vault Missions. Reputation grinding is clearly very important and so faction missions are a must for those that want the best rewards.

Whilst Marvel’s Avengers has been an enjoyable experience; I have unfortunately run into a few issues. Enemies despawning during a warzone mission without being attacked for instance. I also encountered an audio bug with both of the faction daily quest venders where their audio repeats itself two or three times even when I am walking away from them. On top of this, I encountered a momentum bug during the mission Armor Chase, where I cut a corner too sharply and phased right through a wall. I had to exit Marvel’s Avengers to resolve this issue. I also encountered some issues with the skill point system and gear tabs where if you transition between the two too quickly it freezes the game, but I believe this issue has been reported and is resolved because I have not encountered it since the new patch was released.

I have enjoyed my time with Marvel’s Avengers and will be continuing coverage on it. Marvel’s Avengers released in a slightly buggy state, limited villains at launch, a short twelve-hour campaign, and item drop rate changes are some of the things that have affected the score. The campaign was fun, but I found myself wanting more and having to wait for the next content update which will hopefully be meatier.

Final score: 7/10

Written by Terry M.
(Twitch and YouTube)
Edited by Priscilla W.


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