I have had a list of my favourite generation VIII Pokemon for quite some time now. I have been so busy planning my international move that I haven’t had time to write. Now with the upcoming Pokemon news this evening and the release of the first DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield tomorrow – it is the perfect time to discuss which Pokemon I particularly like from the latest generation.


Normal Sprite


Hatterene is a such an adorable pastel witch Pokemon. I love the colour scheme as I have a soft spot for fairy Pokemon. The little pointy hat and the outside that cover Hatterene are really cool. I like the fact that from the front it looks adorable but then swinging from the back is a weird hand-like object that could destroy an enemy. I generally think Fairy Pokemon this generation have all been really well designed.


Normal Sprite


I really enjoy pseudo-legendary Pokemon and Duraludon certainly fits the bill this generation. The large size and dragon-like appearance make it a stand out and I enjoy seeing it slowly stomp around the little area it frequents in the Wild Area. Also, the Gigantamax form where it becomes a sky scraper is one of my favourite of all of the varieties.


Normal Sprite


When I saw the first lot of Pokemon that they released from this generation I thought that Alcremie is so cute. A little whipped cream puff which changes colour depending on how you spin is really inventive. On top of this being able to change the head accessory means that there’s a lot of variants that you can achieve. The Gigantamax form is a giant cake which just tops Alcremie off for me!


Normal Sprite


How great is this design? It is absolutely wonderful due to the fact that Galar is based on the United Kingdom. When I think British one of the first things that I think of is a cup of tea. It is the cutest ghost Pokemon that I have ever seen and I had to have one which made my team very Fairy/Ghost heavy. Worth it though! Also the shiny is pink!


Normal Sprite


Cursola is such a great design. In a way I suppose it is also kind of sad being that Corsola is a piece of healthy coral and then when evolved it becomes a ghost type and looks like bleached dead coral. Which hits very close to home when you live in the same state as the very damaged Great Barrier Reef. I feel like if a Pokemon ever represented climate change; Cursola would be it.


Normal Sprite


I never thought much of Ponyta originally. However, when Galarian Ponyta was announced after a very entertaining live stream I was sold. I knew I wanted one on my team as like I mentioned earlier – I love this kind of colour scheme. Plus the big floofy mane and tail are adorable.


Normal Sprite


My favourite starter of the generation is Scorbunny. At first I was nervous that it would be another Fire/Fighting and so I was pleasantly surprised to see that that was not the case. Admittedly, after suffering through a year in the UK surrounded by football and FIFA games – I am not a fan! Yet I love that Cinderace is based on a player and even the special move is it cooking a rock as if it was a ball.


Normal Sprite


The first time I ran into an Applin I was absolutely in love. I had one in my party immediately. I didn’t know if it evolved or well anything about it but I absolutely had to have this weird apple Pokemon. How cool is it that the shiny version is green too! It is fun to have a Grass/Dragon Pokemon too!


Normal Sprite


So Mareep is obviously the greatest sheep Pokemon of all time but Wooloo is a strong second and an absolute muffin. Just seeing them roll around the green hills of Galar was so cute and they quickly became a fan favourite of everyone. Everyone I know who looked for shiny Pokemon spent time looking for Wooloo – including me!


Normal Sprite


Imagine being so badass that you shoot your own offspring at people to attack them? Dragapult’s design is incredible and I enjoy the Dragon/Ghost typing. When I first saw Dreepy I thought it was a tad weird but I had to have one and when I saw what it evolved into I knew that I had made the right decision. If I were to make a top ten list from Pokemon as a whole Dragapult would definitely be up there!

Want to see my Top Ten Pokemon journey so far?



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