“The Well-Wed Mages’ Yearly Beloved”

The Well-Red Mage


Welcome to the (I guess) 1st annual Yearly Beloved collab put together last-minutely and especially for this Day of St. Valentine, 2019, by the Well-Wed Mages ❤ ❤ ❤, a team of starry-eyed, fast-pulsed, sweaty-palmed, hopeful romantics. The cut of the jib of this collab is simple: we decided to share our favorite waifus and husbandos with you!

In case you don’t know, and to spare you the experience of having to Google “waifu” then wipe your browser memory immediately thereafter, we’re talking about our favorite characters, essentially. They don’t have to be our crushes, or characters we find attractive, but they can be, especially if “attractive” is in the broadest sense of parading their many virtues. It’s a day to celebrate the people we love and appreciate beauty, so that includes our favorite video game personas!


This Valentine’s Day, let me…

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