Christmas Video Game Haul!


So, it’s that time again! Christmas has come and gone and gamers around the world are excited to play the games gifted to them via loved ones. Unless you’re like me and are yet to even play the games you were gifted last year. Oops!

I was very lucky this year to receive games that I have wanted for ages from my amazing partner and family.


For PS4 I received the above games. Persona 5 I used to have but never played so I was excited to get a copy of it! I constantly hear good things about it and everyone is hyped all again ever since the Smash reveal. Dancing just sounds like a lot of fun and I do like rhythm games even though I am not fantastic at them. Spyro is one of my favourite games from my childhood and I am excited to relive it! It was so hard seeing everyone play it whilst I was holding off. Originally I wanted the Switch version but I am happy to have this one too! Finally FFXV. You know, I spent almost $1000 on this game when it came out. The ultimate collector’s edition was very rare (limited to 100 copies) and expensive here, plus the console, two copies of the game and the guide. It added up. I’ve only played maybe four hours of the game. I tried to fix that somewhat when I went to review the Pocket Edition but that ended up bricking my console. Time to try again!


For Switch (which is now my main console due to having a very active toddler) I received five games! Pretty excited for Undertale as it has such a good reputation. My boyfriend actually gave this to me and received one himself for Christmas so I am hoping to play through it together with him. I am stoked for Katamari Damacy Reroll as it didn’t release physically here. It’s a great game and I am surprised and glad it is selling so well despite timing it with Smash Bros. The World Ends With You I am also keen to replay having beat it on DS previously. I have heard the consoles are eh but it will still be great to revisit. L.A Noire will be fun and different to my usual games of choice. Plus I wanted to support Team Bondi even if they are no more? Finally Shining Resonance Refrain looks like it is right up my alley.

I also received a time card for FFXIV which I am happy with as I am playing as much as I can before uni starts again for 2019. I received $20 and I finally bought the Citrine Carbuncle mount. Still need the Aquamarine one though!

Overall I scored really well and I am going to be very busy going into 2019 regarding gaming. I don’t have much free time as I am taking an extra subject but I am hoping to work on my backlog and buy few games this year. It’s over 500 and I know I will never beat it but with any luck I can start to chip away at it and who knows? Maybe one day I will beat all of the games in it that I still am determined to play.

What did you guys get for Christmas?


2 responses to “Christmas Video Game Haul!

  1. I got a book for Christmas. Well, it’s not a bad gift really. I like reading too.

    Persona 5 is a great game. If you’re into JRPGs even a little bit, you should really enjoy it.

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