Console Challenge Day 23: Top 7 best PlayStation 3 games!

The Well-Red Mage

We have always attempted to do things differently. Our vision has taken us to unprecedented levels of success and innovation. Just keeping up with conventional technology is not enough for us.
-Kaz Hirai

Welcome back, NPCs, to our Console Challenge and its 23rd Day of existence!

Today, we’ll be chatting about the PlayStation 3, which I compared to a radiator when it first launched. To my mind, the generation that saw PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii duke it out was a weird one but it saw more than a good share of stellar games to play. It was a scene I completely checked out from for a while, but coming back to it feels natural now. It’s a matter of exploring backward in time and experiencing games I missed, which are now being classified by some as “retro”. That seems strange to me. Anyway…

As the Final Fourteenth is about…

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