My E3 2018 Dream Announcements

Let me say straight away that these aren’t games I expect to be shown. I would even go as far as to say some of these games will probably never be developed. This list isn’t me guessing what will be shown but what I would absolutely love to appear. So, with that in mind let’s move on to the list which is in no particular order.

Pokemon 2019


I admit that I am incredibly excited for a new title in the Pokemon series. Pokemon Sun burnt me so badly that I never picked up Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon which is the first time I’ve EVER not purchased a mainline game. I’m ready to move on and see what’s next in the Pokemon series. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about having over one thousand Pokemon to catch. I’d be more open to it if they actually included the National Dex again (Still a sore point in my life) but I guess we have to wait and see.

At first I was disappointed by the Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee announcements as I thought they were in lieu of these games. Knowing that they’re not replacing the serious games makes me happy. I feel like they could be exactly what I need to fall back in love with Pokemon and be ready for the 2019 entry in the mainline series.

Final Fantasy VIII PS4


The dream. The ultimate dream. This is my my favourite game of all time and in that respects it’s also my favourite Final Fantasy title. It is incredibly underrated and I would love to see it have some attention paid to it. The battle system is fun, the characters are interesting, it has the best OST in my opinion and the best mini-game in the whole series. It breaks my little heart to see Triple Triad be used outside of FFVIII but the game itself left in the dust. I did play way too many hours of Triple Triad in the Final Fantasy Portal and I love it in Final Fantasy XIV too. I just wish that we could have FFVIII on the PS4. Don’t care if it’s a port or a remaster. We would never get a remake and I wouldn’t want it to have the FFVII remake treatment anyway. I just imagine a nice remaster on the PS4 with online connectivity in regards to Triple Triad and I just think that that sounds absolutely wonderful.

Dragon’s Dogma 2


Sorry Deep Down wherever you are but Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the game that I need. I adored Dragon’s Dogma so, so much. I loved it from the first trailer and I was the only one to even pre-order it at my EB Games store. In fact, I loved it so much that it was the first game I ever tried to collect trophies for and in turn the first that I obtained the platinum trophy for. I had so much fun exploring the areas around Gran Soren, scaling beasts, finding the Berserk armour and even memorising those damn pawn quotes. “WHAT A LARGE TREE!” anyone? Seriously though, the pawn system was a fantastic idea and with a few tweaks in a sequel; it could be even better. Another idea that they game had that I loved was the Ur-Dragon. It was so cool to be able to take it down with the help of people all around the world. With the option to do it solo also. I’m just saying that I need more Dragon’s Dogma. A lot more.

Animal Crossing Switch


I want this. I’m surprised at how much. I never really got into Animal Crossing. I wanted to! It seemed cute and fun but I couldn’t deal with the having to check my game every single day requirement. Which I heard got mostly rectified in New Leaf but still. I actually imported the New Leaf 3DS XL console as I wanted to like it. It wasn’t until I downloaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that I started to fall in love with the series. I only even downloaded it because it was only available to Australians for the soft launch and I just wanted to have it first. I started to play it and the rest is history. I’m now level 107 and playing it every single day. It’s just so fun and cute and now I can’t wait to have a mainline title. This wish is the one that’s most likely to happen as we all know that an Animal Crossing title on the Switch is more or less imminent.

Rune Factory Switch


I like Story of Seasons. I love it a lot. I grew up with it and will always have a fondness. Even if they take an extra year to localise for PAL. However, Rune Factory has it beaten hands down in absolutely every single way. I adore the hell out of this series. It takes the farming and relationship mechanics from Story of Seasons and adds dungeons and RPG battle mechanics and it’s just the best of both worlds. We haven’t had a new title for what feels like an eternity and this needs to be rectified. Keeping Rune Factory from the Switch would be a crime. I need this so, so badly.


So there you have it. The five games that I would love to see an announcement for the most. There’s other things that I would be excited for. I am super keen to see more about Kingdom Hearts III. If Kairi and Sora don’t get together in this title; I’m going to be so upset. Also seeing more of FF7 Remake would be cool but not expected. I know this third one won’t be at E3 but I would love to see Temtem there as it’s so close to reaching it’s Switch goal on Kickstarter and I am so in love with the whole concept of the game.

Well, I guess we just have to see what the next few days bring!


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