Taste Testing The Super Mario Cereal


I know that I’m a little late to the party. Alright, maybe very late to the party. Don’t blame me though. Blame Australia? You know that really big  country that the rest of the world sees as an ideal holiday destination? Yeah, blame that! We either get cool products very late or not at all. This time it was the latter. So therefore I had to wait to be sent some of this elusive cereal.


In Australia we don’t have the crazy varieties of cereal that you find in America. In fact, on my recent holiday to America, I made it a point to try as many kinds of cereal that I could. It seems that marshmallow pieces in cereal is rather common there. I find that really odd. I did try Lucky Charms but the texture was just weird. Therefore, I wasn’t anticipating this cereal to be the most delicious cereal that I had ever tasted in my life. I still held onto the hope that the mixed berry flavour wouldn’t let me down.


Look at that face. A face filled with hope and the promise of a delicious tasting cereal that was most definitely worth the wait and effort to have it shipped here. A face that shows excitement that my poor Australian self can finally be part of the ‘cool cereal’ group.


But it wasn’t good. The mixed berry flavour was depressingly bland. I’d say that the cereal itself tastes like your eating wet cardboard that had a mixed berry mist sprayed over it accidentally. Add one marshmallow to twenty pieces of cereal and the marshmallow is all you can taste. Which is actually fantastic because at least you can taste something. I don’t even like marshmallow pieces but there I was rationing them so I would have some sort of flavour. If this cereal wasn’t originally marketed with Amiibo functionality or as a Mario product; I don’t think that it would sell well at all.


…Super Mario Cereal is baby approved though.


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