32737485_10155174062712105_1985501610721148928_nNote: There are a few other items in this series including plushies and hand towels but I just wanted the complete dinnerware set.

My Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing items arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. For those of you who don’t know (which admittedly was me until a little while ago). Basically Ichiban Kuji is a raffle system. You go and buy a ticket from a set – Animal Crossing in this case. Once purchased you exchange the ticket for a prize that corresponds with the letter on the ticket. You can see in the photo above that the plates are labelled F, mugs C and the teapot is the unique “Last One” item in the set.

There are numerous ways that you can participate in these events. You can buy tickets from numerous websites and go into the draw. I however, wanted a complete collection so I went through Yahoo Auctions. You have to use a proxy service for international shipping so I used Buyee. I do have to give a shout out to Apricot Sushi and her post which introduced me to Ichiban Kuji in the first place.

The plates are incredibly cute. They are a little bit smaller than I anticipated but they go perfect with the mugs for a nice afternoon tea. They are the perfect size for a cake or biscuits which is the perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea. The leaf and fossil are really nice. I like the 3D effect that they have. The leaf is actually larger than the other three and comes in a slightly bigger box. Which slightly irks me as it stands out. The other two have beautiful designs on them featuring the iconic Animal Crossing patterns and Timmy and Tommy.

The mugs are also adorable.. I guess adorable is the theme for this whole range. They all have the iconic leaf as the handle. The pink mug has a pretty Animal Crossing pattern on it including the faces of prominent characters. The second one is another Timmy and Tommy item. The mug and plate together would make an adorable tea set! The third one gives me the best Animal Crossing vibes. It has Isabelle, K.K Slider and Tom Nook on it. This is the one that took me an extra long time to find. I ended up buying a couple of duplicate plates to get everything. However even after all of that I still couldn’t find this mug. Luckily someone was selling it separately in the end as missing just one would have been rather tragic.

Now for the item that sold me on this whole collection. The teapot! Look at it in all of it’s brilliance. Honestly, how wonderful is it? I am so torn. Do I want to use it or keep it pristine. I’m so excited to own this. The pattern and colour scheme are adorable. As you can see in the second photo it has a cute house and Animal Crossing written on the other side. This is honestly one of my favourite pieces of video game merchandise that I’ve ever owned.

So that’s my unboxing! Receiving these made me even more excited for Animal Crossing Switch and who knows what will happen with E3 on the horizon. Until then I’m just going to keep playing Pocket Camp and hoping for the best.

One last thing I do have duplicates of some of the plates. Two fossil, one Animal Crossing pattern and one Timmy and Tommy. I am looking to sell these. Not to make a profit and just to break even on the cost and shipping to get here. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested.



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