My Pikachu 2DS XL Arrived!


…and it is absolutely brilliant! This is the first time that I have ever seen a 2DS XL in person and wow! The design is definitely an improvement on all of the previous models in the 3DS/2DS family in my opinion. It feels so comfortable in my hands and I love not only the shape of the top screen but the screen itself. It looks fantastic.

One of my favourite things about this limited edition Pikachu design is the fact that the nose sticks out on the top lid. The 3D effect is really cool. It sticks out enough to be noticeable but not enough to be annoying or inconvenient.


I have never used the 3D on the 3DS. I am someone who constantly moves whilst gaming or puts my console down to do other things so constantly adjusting back to the 3D was a pain in the butt. Some of the games made me feel a little queasy too! So losing that functionality was a no-brainer for me.

There are three reasons why I bought this console. The first one is the fact that my old 3DS XL was started to get really, really laggy. It would take ages just to even register that I pressed the power button and a lot of the games were frustrating to play. Secondly, I fell in love with this design from the moment that it was first announced as not only is it adorable but it matches my NTSC n3DS XL console brilliantly. Thirdly, it was on sale on Amazon Australia for $70 cheaper than in retail stores. I couldn’t say no at that price. Once I trade my old console in; I will have paid next to nothing for it.


Transferring from my old system to my new one was a breeze like always. Now that that’s done I am trading my old console in. Which is a little bitter sweet to be honest as it is the limited edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf console. It never came out in Australia and so had to be imported. Part of me wants to keep it as I am going to get next to nothing trading it in BUT there’s no point keeping something I won’t use so I will be trading it in the next couple of days.


All in all, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. As soon as I had the console in my hands I had a burning desire to work on my 3DS backlog as opposed to always wanting to play my Switch. The first game I am going to play on my 2DS (and rightfully so) is Detective Pikachu. I can’t personally think of a better title!


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