My Top Ten Generation VI Pokemon

Generation VI is a bit of a funny one for me. There’s designs I either love or hate. There’s not many that are in between. That said I had a lot of fun with the games themselves – Pokemon X & Y. I enjoyed them more than the previous two generations and some of my favourite Pokemon do in fact come from this generation.





I love Slurpuff because it is a little sugary ball of pastry goodness! The shiny form even looks like chocolate! I love the references to sweets and pastry and honestly it just makes me hungry. The Japanese TCG cards have so many cute images of Slurpuff surrounded by delicious food and honestly that is what sold me on it.


Vivillon having numerous patterns that could only be obtained by trading with others was an absolutely fantastic idea. I love regional variants when they are obtainable through this method. As opposed to more irritating forms of this à la Pokemon GO. It was fantastic to see people come together; posting lists of the variants that they already had and variants that they were still looking for. It always warms my heart to see the gaming community come together in a positive way and through Vivillon I definitely saw that.


I am always a sucker for the strong, dragon-esque looking Pokemon throughout the generations. Tyrantrum is no exception to this rule. It looks like an absolute tank and earned a special spot in my party as soon as I could obtain one. I’m not quite sure why it looks like a cross between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Santa Claus but I’m willing to forgive it for that as it still packs quite the punch.


What a cute little orange rodent! I am a sucker for the fake-Pikachu in every generation and therefore Dedenne makes the list. Although Dedenne seems more like a fake Raichu than anything else. Which is even better as Raichu is superior to Pikachu in almost every single way. Especially with its Alolan form. Dedenne grew on me as I watched the anime seasons where it was heavily featured.


Bird Pokemon are so convenient as it’s nice being able to fly around. I didn’t have one on my most recent play-through of Pokemon Silver and it was such a pain to go to the PC every single time that I wanted to go somewhere different. With that in mind it  was a relief to see that Talonflame was actually both cool and useful in this generation. Talonflame has my favourite design out of all of the usual Fly TM suspects. If you saw it on the street you would definitely turn and go the other way. Although that might just be the Australian in me talking as I am used to running away from birds all of the time. I’m looking at you Magpies.


Fire starting Pokemon are normally the ones that I always go for. They generally have the best design in my opinion and there’s often a lack of Fire types in the game so choosing one as the starter is generally rather helpful. Fennekin is so cute. I love Fennec Foxes and when I lived in England I had even planned on owning one someday. It’s just a shame that it evolves into a Pokemon with an awkwardly placed stick.



Aurorus is so damn beautiful. Especially in motion. I absolutely love the design and why do they not make huge Aurorus plushies like they do Snorlax and Lapras? I would definitely buy one of those in a flash. I actually like both of the fossil Pokemon this generation which is unusual for me but the designs are just spectacular.



Sylveon was so exciting. Every single time a new generation is announced; I hope that there will be a new Eevee evolution to go along with it. In that sense Pokemon Sun and Moon were rather disappointing as it was the perfect chance to release one! Sylveon is absolutely adorable. I love the whole design from the palette to the bows. Everything about the design just encompasses the Fairy type so well.



If I could I would have an Aegislash on every single one of my Pokemon teams. Even though I am usually not one to like these kind of more unique designs; I just love using Aegislash in battles. It has an incredible number of resistances and even a few immunities. Changing stances is a little more tactical and adds to the enjoyment of using Aegislash in battle.


Mega Altaria

One of my favourite Mega Pokemon is Mega Altaria. I loved Altaria when it was just a regular cute blue ball of cloud and with the Mega form everything I loved was multiplied. The typing is incredibly useful and I believe it may be the only Pokemon to have the Dragon/Fairy typing. Which gives it many defensive benefits. Honestly though even if the typing was poor I would still happily use Mega Altaria as it is just so cute and unless you’re playing competitively the games are easy enough that you can use any Pokemon that you want!



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