Diary of a Tamagotchi


I have always loved Tamagotchis. As a small child I had quite the collection of them and I would make my mother look after them whilst I went to school. I had a knock off Tamagotchi that was white with black spots and was a dog that you looked after. Over the years I have looked it up to no avail. I have been told it’s either a MGA Puppy which whilst similar do have differences from what I remember or a Dog Gotch which is incredibly hard to find on the internet.

I ended up having all of my Tamagotchi and Digimon stolen and now they are incredibly expensive to replace. I have bought a couple over the years but they just didn’t feel the same as the previous ones that I owned.

In saying that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase the anniversary Tamagotchi when it released. I just had to celebrate the 20th anniversary in anyway that I could. However when I started to use it I was surprised by how different it was.

Below are my thoughts as I spent some time with my new found friend.




It’s time to turn the Tamagotchi on! Oh egg! I wonder how long it takes to hatch.


I guess I should have set a time so that it can actually hatch. How embarrassing.


I thought I was a Tamagotchi expert but I have no idea. All I can do is feed this thing? Is there no menu. I am a bad parent. I guess I will just keep feeding this blob until he refuses me.


This blob has done literally nothing this whole time?


It let me feed it ONE thing and then it was full again. This is no child of mine.


This thing hasn’t even done a poo yet? Or fallen asleep?


I lost my Tamagotchi and found it in my pillow case. Still alive and well.


I just Googled it and apparently the anniversary re-release has less features. You can’t interact with it at all. You just feed it and clean up the poo. Whilst finding this out though I discovered the Tamagotchi Mix.


Looks like the Christmas one releasing soon is already sold out. That’s a shame.


Still no poo. This is no child of mine as my own decided to do a poo before she was actually born.




This thing is boring. It has done literally nothing.


Oh it put itself to sleep. Goodnight! Please don’t beep at me during the night!




Oh I just realised my Tamagotchi is still in my drawer. I hope it isn’t dead. Oops! I am a bad Tamagotchi mother.


It’s still alive! I fed it and well.. That’s it. This is most definitely not the nostalgic trip I was expecting.


Another poo. Even it doing a poo is somewhat interesting.




I wish I could interact with this guy. There isn’t even a menu. Just press the same button to clean his poo, feed him or turn off the lights.


Goodnight little friend.




Oh gosh I forgot about this guy. I hope he isn’t dead. I can’t kill him yet.


Oh, he was perfectly fine. I wonder if this one is harder to kill.


Since this Tamagotchi is so small I decided to put it on my keys and just check on it occasionally. It seems to be the virtual pet version of a cactus.


I was very disappointed in what this Tamagotchi actually was. Even if I did more research, I still would have purchased it for nostalgia reasons but I didn’t know they would be SO much smaller than the original. So much smaller in fact that they lack almost all of the functions that the originals had twenty years ago. Whilst mostly trivial these functions make the Tamagotchi more interesting and I found my interest waning fast without them.

7 responses to “Diary of a Tamagotchi

  1. It’s a bummer that the rerelease was so disappointing!
    I never had a Tamagotchi, but I did get into the virtual pet craze with a pet Nano back in the 90’s. Mine was a little dog that was shaped like a dumbbell surrounded by a green case shaped suspiciousely similar to a Tamagotchi. One year, we had Christmas in the desert and I got a cactus spine stuck in the reset butten. It would randomly reset from then on out.

  2. It’s a shame that the Tamagotchi had such limited functions. I remember my Tamagotchi always used to get sick, in fact Idon’t think any of my Tamagotchis lasted more than the second stage…

    • I didn’t know that it was so limited before I purchased it! Everywhere claimed that it was a re-release and that is what I was expecting. So I was a little disappointed to say the least.

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