Angels with Scaly Wings (2017)

The Well-Red Mage


“I don’t care what happens to them, but unlike you, I was at least trying to save humanity.”
-Reza, Angels With Scaly Wings

finalfourteenthmage  “The following is a guest post by the Final Fourteenth Mage.”

Angels with Scaly Wings is a unique twist to the visual novel genre; incorporating science fiction elements into a slice-of-life dating sim where your suitors just happen to be humanoid dragons.

The human world is in peril. Years of rapid technological advancement and dependency would be humanity’s downfall as a catastrophic event left them on the brink of extinction and nothing more than scattered groups of people trying to survive in a now dystopian society. Time is running out and humanity is dependent on a newly discovered portal linking them to an unknown world.


You, the main character, are an ambassador for the human race and find yourself being chosen to enter through…

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