I can’t believe the last time I posted a Top Ten Pokemon list was last year in December. Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Nevertheless I am continuing on and am now discussing my top ten Pokemon from Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. This is an interesting generation for me. I really liked Unova and the change in direction that they took. It really grabbed me after the previous lacklustre generation. However I could not say the same thing about the Pokemon. A lot of them are mediocre or downright strange. It takes a lot for me to include any legendaries in the list that aren’t Lugia so that in itself is should make the situation obvious.





As far as legendary Pokemon go; I think Keldeo has quite a nice design. Out of the two I prefer the Resolution form available in the sequels Black 2 and White 2. This form takes Keldeo and makes it even more majestic. It’s basically a unicorn. Can we please swap the forms over? Unideo should be standard!




This is the generation where I started questioning some of the Pokemon design choices. I have personally never used this evolution line but I am quite fond of it due to the developers denial that they are ice cream cones. They are so insistent that they are icicles with snow on top. You can not tell me that this isn’t a double scoop ice cream with a wafer in the scoop.




I have a soft spot for cute Pokemon and before I knew it I had a Cinccino on my team. I didn’t find it to be overly useful but I am always nostalgic and fondly remember the Pokemon that I beat a generation for the first time with. When I don’t know if they will evolve, what they will learn or anything of the sort it makes the experience more magical.




It’s impossible not to love the little electric rat of each generation, right? Emolga is fantastic. The Emolga that Iris had in the Black and White anime was so incredibly cute. This led me to catching and using my own.




I swear that Volcarona was the biggest pain in the butt that I have ever had to evolve. It doesn’t evolve until level 59. That’s basically 60 and seems so incredibly insane. It’s worth it though as Volcarona is fun to use and the Bug/Fire combination is definitely nice.




There was so much hype for Zoroark and for good reason. It’s so cool! I feel like it was Generation Fives answer to Lucario. They just seem similar in design to me and like they serve the same purpose. I definitely prefer Zoroark’s design over Lucario. How does he keep that flowing hair so neat whilst fighting? I will never understand.




There are never enough Dragon Pokemon and I am a total sucker for them. Include a good Dragon Pokemon in a game and I will find it and use it in my team. My love of the type let me overlook that fact that Haxorus doesn’t exactly look that fantastic. His colouring just looks off and he looks like a centipede that was turned into a war beast. Terrifying!




It’s such a shame that Grass Pokemon always seem so weak because they are always so, so cute. Without fail I want to have them on my team every time I play through a Pokemon game. Every single time they end up not being able to hold up against so many other Pokemon. It just seems like a waste to use them. Which is sad!




Flying Pokemon tend to be so important during your play through. During the main story it is so much easier just to have one on your team so that you can quickly use Fly as opposed to having to get your HM slave out of the PC. I know that this is no longer an issue with Pokemon Sun and Moon but previous to those this led me to always catch a Flying type so that I could travel quickly across the region.



The pre-evolution of this Pokemon is known for using its own faeces to keep warm. If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy I don’t know what will. Fire is my favourite type and before I ran into this line I didn’t have one. So I was very quick to catch one! I was surprised how strong Darmanitan was and it became my most used Pokemon for this generation. It could hold its own against everything I faced in game and my family members that I battled.



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