Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Collector’s Edition Unboxing

It’s no secret that I really enjoyed The Dragon’s Trap. In fact it made my Top Ten List of favourite Master System games! I was in awe when Lizardcube released new screenshots for the game and I had every intention of buying it at launch. Rumours started circulating about a future physical edition however and I reluctantly held off just in case. Which was honestly so hard to do!

Wonder Boy was the first time I ever dealt with Limited Run Games and the experience was quite hectic. Originally I had planned to just grab the standard edition. So right on the hour I had it in my cart, joined the queue, paid for it and then it was pulled from my cart as it was out of stock. This was incredibly frustrating but I was in no way alone in this situation as it happened to many other people.

The second time around I went for the collector’s edition. In my own weird logic I thought even though the standard has more units; it might sell out faster as more people would want that. Whether that was the case or I was just lucky I don’t know but I managed to secure one. I have no regrets about the purchase because it’s absolutely stunning.


As soon as I lifted the box out of the shipping box I couldn’t help but smile. I really like its design as it is such a big nostalgia trip. There honestly has not been a collector’s edition that has made me feel as happy upon receiving it as this one has and I’ve bought some nice collector’s editions in my time!


The first thing you see when you slide the contents out of the box is the soundtrack. I am in awe of the soundtrack. It has all 89 tracks across two discs. So often soundtracks are not much more than samplers for the game so I was incredibly happy with this one! I immediately copied it over to the laptop to listen to. The rearrangement is absolutely spectacular.


Following on from the soundtrack is the game itself. I was a bit curious about what cover I would get. Secretly I was hoping for the retro one but as I am opening the game anyway it doesn’t really matter.

That said both of the covers are quite nice. I like how they each have different information on the back cover. It is such a nice touch and makes it seem that much more authentic.


Speaking of authenticity I was surprised to open up the case and see the manual inside in all of its retro glory. My poor little soul couldn’t handle how excited I felt. Little things like this honestly make such a big difference to a release for me. It’s such a shame that games often omit manuals these days as I really do enjoy reading them.


The collector’s edition comes with the game, soundtrack, poster and a set of printed cards.


The poster shows off more of the fantastic art from the game. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s folded but there isn’t too much you can do about that! Every time I look at this poster I am reminded about a different experience I had playing this game as a child.


Lastly, the cards. The cards are such great quality and my photo doesn’t do them justice. I’m normally not one for these kind of things but I would love to display these somewhere.

Well that’s everything in the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Collector’s Edition! I am so glad that I had the change to buy this as it’s quite rare! I can’t wait to play the game again.


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