The Excitement of Exploring New Video Game Series.

Over the last few years I have started to realise that I have a rather selective taste in video games. I tend to stick to what I know for the most part. I will always buy games in established series that I play and if I try something new it’s still generally a JRPG.

It’s no secret that JRPG’s are extremely time consuming and with a 500+ backlog full of them; I’m beat! I struggle to play them back to back and then I don’t end up playing anything as I am burnt out.

As a way to conquer this I have decided to expand my horizons and try some new series. I’m almost embarrassed to admit some of the series I have never beaten a game in: The Legend of Zelda and Metroid would be two of the bigger examples. I’m not even sure where I should start in regards to them. They all have numerous entries in the series and it’s somewhat overwhelming.

I am finding digital sales to be really helpful in this regard. I am able to branch out into new series for quite a cheap price. At the time of writing this I have Mega Man Legacy Collection in my cart as it’s only $7.55AUD on sale. There’s also other considerations to such as Hatsune Miku.

I would really like suggestions as to what series I should play. I want to try something different!


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  2. I’ve been playing Life is Strange lately, definitely not my usual sort of game but it’s been good to play something completely different. And it was free, which helped 😛

  3. I have very specific tastes too but I like to think that I try a lot of games and don’t like them anyway. There are a lot of AAA franchises I’ve never touched and don’t care too: Fallout, Battlefield, Killzone, Mass Effect, etc, etc. I do enjoy trying new games and franchises that are smaller and cheaper, generally retro or indie flavored for that reason. Mega Man is a wonderful, classic series to enjoy. I’d also suggest Mega Man X, definitely Zelda and Metroid, and I’m sure you like Final Fantasy. Anyway, this has not been a helpful comment. Hahaha sorry!

    • No it has been very helpful as you’ve cemented the fact that I really should try Mega Man. The difficulty has put me off but I’m unsure if it’s overstated or not.

      • Well there are a few ways to approach that, but I recommend starting with Mega Man IV as it’s easier and more forgiving than the others, yet still definitively classic Mega Man. After that, II is the best of the classic series, in my opinion. Best of luck!

      • Thanks. I have had a lot of people tell me I should start a the start and see how the series has developed over time. Then there’s the people who think I should play in a certain order so the learning curve is lessened. I didn’t expect such a debate!

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