My Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles Shown During E3 2017.

E3 has come and gone again for yet another year. In its wake I am again left with the incredibly hard decision of what games I most want to buy out of all the amazing and intriguing games shown during the expo. When I was younger I would happily buy over 100 games a year that I wouldn’t touch so the decision was a lot easier. Now though with a crazy backlog, limited funds, university and a newborn I have limited myself to ten titles that I want to play.

Not all of these titles were announced at E3 but they were all definitely shown off there. Without further adieu these are the games in no particular order.

Assassin’s Creed Origins


I own four Assassin’s Creed games. I’ve played zero Assassin’s Creed games. I purchased them because they were cheap and I liked the idea of playing them. I just never got around to actually doing so. Origins on the other hand I know I will definitely play. All of my life I have been fascinated by Egypt. The pyramids and other monuments, script and gods and goddesses are all incredibly interesting. So to have the ability to explore Egypt is an opportunity I can not pass up.

Code Vein


I like interesting looking Japanese games and Code Vein definitely caught my eye. I have read up on it and it sounds like it will be challenging and somewhat gory and I am so totally ready to experience all Code Vein has to offer. I do enjoy co-op games so I am interested to read more about the game as it’s revealed later on down the track.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


When this was first leaked I knew it would be a game I would buy when I eventually owned a Switch. I didn’t know what it would play like but I was sold on the random concept. I love Rayman so when the Rabbids games came out I played the first two. They were alright I suppose but to be fair I am not big into games that consist solely of mini games. Nevertheless I was hopeful that this game would be more than that and it most definitely is. I was honestly surprised to find that it was a turn-based strategy game but I am so excited by this. I would buy a Switch for this game and not feel embarrassed. if it was the only title I ever owned.

Shadow of the Colossus


I got excited as soon as I saw that bridge! Ah! I am so excited by this. How amazing did the colossi look? I played this on PS2 and again remastered on the PS3. I am in the process of getting the platinum for the PS3 version but it’s incredibly hard. Those HTA fights are no joke and my video game skills are mediocre at most. I probably won’t get the platinum before this releases but it is extra motivation to do so.

Monster Hunter: World


Let me first say that even though I own one game in the series; I have never played a Monster Hunter game. I liked the concept but never got around to it. The first game I thought I would ever play was Stories. However when this was shown at E3 I was totally sold on it. I have seen a lot of people not keen on it who have played previous games so I suppose the difference is I am not comparing this to any other game so I am excited. If the world refuses to give me Dragon’s Dogma 2, I am going to take advantage of the fact I can take down large enemies in Monster Hunter: World.

Super Mario Odyssey


This game looks so good. I have owned a few Nintendo consoles in my time but I haven’t played too many Mario games due to always preferring PS1, PS2 and so forth. However they have always been on my to play list. I am definitely going to change this with Odyssey because firstly it had a cool dinosaur in the trailer and secondly the music was a lot of fun. The whole game looks like it’ll be a blast and I guess it will be nice to play something less serious for once. Maybe by the time it release I will need a break from Stormblood.

Kirby (Switch)


Kirby is probably my favourite Nintendo series. I love that adorable chubby pink blob more than anything. There’s something so fun about exploring colourful worlds and absorbing a vast arrange of enemies to gain their power. I’m ready for a new Kirby game that will kick Kirby’s Epic Yarn out of first place as the best Kirby game in my eyes and from the trailer I am incredibly optimistic about it being fantastic.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood


I feel a bit cheap including Stormblood in this list as everyone more or less knows how much I love FFXIV. I have been excited for Stormblood for such a long time. I am so excited about everything. Red Mage! Samurai! New areas! New mounts! New primal fights. Oh my god I just can’t wait. Oh and swimming! PVP is meant to be amazing now. Honestly, I am dying to play it.



Some of my most fond memories on the PS1 come from playing the original Spider-Man game which my younger brother. We could both quote the dialogue at the start of the game and eventually we worked together and ended up beating it. I can’t even describe to this day how badly my heart pounded as I was running away from Monster Ock at the end of the game. I haven’t played a Spider-Man game since but Spider-Man looks so amazing I just can’t pass it up. Plus Tom Holland has inspired me a little.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope


Back when the ordeal with Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon was fresh (read about it here) I told myself that from now on I would only play Story of Season games and not the fake Harvest Moon games. However after years of playing the games and loving the title I just can’t give it up. I am currently playing through Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and have purchased Harvest Moon: Skytree Village to play after it thanks to the current sale on the Nintendo eShop. I grew up with Harvest Moon starting with Harvest Moon SNES and to this day I love farming games. There’s just something magical about tending to crops, raising livestock and wooing the villagers that gets me. I am excited that Light of Hope will be on the PS4! It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed Harvest Moon on a console as opposed to a handheld.

Well, that’s the ten games I will definitely purchase that were shown during E3. Since E3 I have gone and ordered a Nintendo Switch. They are in plentiful supply here but I want to pay mine off over the next month or so. Alongside that I ordered the yellow joy-cons because they look amazing. It looks like the rest of this year and 2018 are going to be amazing for video games no matter what platform you own.



I wanna fish with my boys.


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