Pokémon Sun Review

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Alright, alright. I’ll admit it. I was just as hyped as everyone else was about the Nintendo Direct on the 27th of February last year. It was after midnight and I ended up falling asleep waiting for it. There were rumours circulating everywhere about what the Direct may contain as here in Australia it coincided with the 20th anniversary of the original games. It was a given that they would talk about the original games for VC but people were hoping they would announce generation seven too. Which they did.

To this day I still really enjoyed the montage to the previous games in the video before the announcement of Sun and Moon. It’s fun to see how the games have changed over the years since I was a child.


Pokemon Sun and Moon changed up the formula somewhat as they removed gyms and replaced them with trials. The series also included other new anticipated changes such as the interactive Rotom Dex, Hyper Training, Alolan forms and Z-Moves. Every new announcement brought with it a slew of new excitement as it all sounded wonderful and a breath of much needed fresh air for the franchise.




I actually got half way through the game and stopped playing. I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to have the team that I wanted and it took awhile to find all of those Pokemon. Eventually I got back into it, created my team and beat the game. My final team consisted of

  1. Primarina
  2. Mimikyu
  3. Arcanine
  4. Alolan Raichu (Event Pikachu)
  5. Alolan Ninetails
  6. Leafeon

At first I didn’t want to use any older Pokemon but when I found Growlithe I made an exception. Eventually that extended to Alolan forms too as I loved the idea of using my event Pikachu with Surf and Fly to evolve into the Alolan form of Raichu. As for Vulpix? Well it was just too cute!

This was the first time I ever cared about Hidden Abilities as well as holding items and movesets for battle. I feel like keeping my party small and slowly expanding it allowed me to develop better strategies for my own party.

I really enjoyed a lot of the new Pokemon that Sun and Moon introduced. It was also fantastic to see them include a range of Pokemon from previous generations. I liked that even though the base game was exactly the same it felt fresh because of the trials that were offered as opposed to gyms.

The story was interesting too. In fact it got a bit darker than I expected from Pokemon. Lillie’s mum was an absolute psychopath and I felt sorry for the Pokemon that were being brutally experimented on. It gave the game more depth and definitely kept me interested for longer.




My biggest gripe with the game and the reason I stopped after beating the game was the lack of an in-game National Dex. Sure they have it on Pokemon Bank now but I find the idea that you can’t see it in game and need to boot up something seperate doesn’t make sense to me. I was so incredibly excited to get the National Dex once I beat the game. I transferred everything from Pokemon Omega Ruby over to Sun when I was finished and I was absolutely floored that this wasn’t included. I really see no logical reason as to not include this? It seems like a massive set back to just wipe out hundreds of Pokemon.

The second issue that I had was overall the game wasn’t new. It was still the same Pokemon game as always with a few tweaks here and there. Don’t get me wrong I’d happily play the same loved formula day in and day out but it seemed like it was going to be different. The trials that we partake in are just gym badges. It all ends up being exactly the same as before. You leave your home, collect ‘badges’, verse a blundering organisation and then become the Pokemon League champion. Obviously this is a successful formula but I don’t think Pokemon Sun and Moon should be touted as being totally new when really they just continue the same slightly altered formula.

The only other issue I had with the game was the fact that it showed you what move was super effective against a certain Pokemon. To be fair it only showed it after a repeated encounter but part of the limited challenge of Pokemon games was remembering the type chart.




Overall I definitely believe that Pokemon Sun was a great entry into the series and a worthwhile game to play. If I had to personally rate it for me it would be third behind Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Ruby respectively. It’s a game that both seasoned fans and new fans alike can enjoy together.


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