Banpresto Naruto Uzumaki Special Color Limited Edition Unboxing

Last year was the first time Madman Australia hosted their very own con. This was incredibly exciting as Australia lacks in this department. I immediately purchased tickets but was unable to fly interstate at the time due to being pregnant.

However AnimeLab hosted a competition on Facebook which consisted of posting a reply to their status about who your favourite Naruto character is and why. It’s no secret that mine is Obito Uchiha. I previously wrote a blog about my favourite Naruto characters and I used what I wrote about Obito there as my entry. I won! It was pretty exciting and further proof that my love of Obito knows no bounds.

Because I couldn’t attend the event myself I organised for my friend to pick it up and ship it to me. Which she did no problem. The pictures on the box leave a lot to be desired but upon opening it today I was pleasantly surprised by the figure itself.


As you can clearly see from the photo Naruto’s face just looks slightly off in the illustration. This didn’t give me much hope for the final product but it was a limited edition and more than likely rare in Australia so I was still excited to add it to my Naruto collection.


The back of the box has images of all of the other characters in this series of figures. I won’t be collecting any others in the series but it is nice to see Deidara, Gaara and Sasori as opposed to just Team 7 in all of their variations.


Once I took the figure out I noticed that it looks like the kind of material that lights up. I have searched online and haven’t seen anyone attempt this yet however I think the semi-transparent material would look rather nice if it was to work that way.

The detail in the figure itself isn’t too bad. I feel like I can’t compare it to the hand painted pieces that Tsume creates and therefore have to judge it separately.


I browsed online and these are still avaliable for purchase in Australia from Madman for $74.95. If you are a big fan of the Naruto series I could definitely recommend picking one of these up for collection purposes. Otherwise I would probably go with a normal coloured Naruto.


It isn’t obvious until you sit the figure alongside others that you realise just how dull and colourless it looks. That’s probably my only criticism. It just seems so lifeless and boring. I would be more interested in an alternate costume or even a costume swap as opposed to transparency with the ability to light up. At the end of the day no one is going to even attempt to do that more than once.


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