The Playstation 4 Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition Console Is Mine!


What an exciting few weeks it has been for video game releases! Especially in regards Final Fantasy XV! I had the Ultimate Collectors Edition preordered alongside the collector’s edition guide book and more importantly this console! Honestly, I would have preferred if it had been a Pro that was the limited edition and I don’t really know why they didn’t take that route but I am still happy with the look of the slim. It’s so nice compared to the original and I find the curved edges aesthetically pleasing.

The artwork is so pretty! I really like how eye catching the Final Fantasy XV title is and how they added each party members name underneath it. It makes it feel more personalised and less like a quick cash in. Like I previously mentioned, I really like the design of the Slim! It’s so much nicer than the original. This was the first time I had ever seen one. I never bothered looking at them online as superficial console upgrades never do anything for me. If it wasn’t for this limited console I would have definitely stuck to my trusty original PS4!


One of my favourite things though is the new controller that is packaged with both the Slim and the Pro consoles! It feels so nice to hold and I don’t think my other controller will be seeing any use any time soon! I like that it has ‘XV’ on it also. So you know that it came with the console and wasn’t just a generic one that they threw in. A small thing that would have taken no time but it feels nice all the same.

With this purchase I am now totally FFXV’ed out. I have spent more than enough on the game but hey, we did all wait ten years for it. That doesn’t happen very often so I was happy to pay for merchandise.


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