G.E.M Series Uzumaki Naruto New Sexy Technique Unboxing

NOTE: I am currently using a very, very, broken potato quality phone camera whilst I wait for my new phone to arrive. I need a camera.

I impulse bought the G.E.M Oiroke Naruto figure awhile ago as I found it slightly hilarious. It turned up earlier this week and I am surprised by just how much I like it. It looks SO much better than it did in the promo shots. Although, I did feel the same way when I unboxed SoSP Naruto.

The first thing that I noticed when I unboxed the figure was how amazing the base was. I hadn’t seen this before today and I am absolutely in love with the fact that it is a heart. It does take up a lot of space but I suppose that can’t be helped due to the fact that Naruto is leaning forward so much. I like how the heel of the boot fits snugly into the base.

Again I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I tried to get a close up of Naruto’s face I really like the detail in the eyes and lips. It’s weird that Naruto actually looks pretty.


Now Naruto really stands out against the other figures that I have so far. Kakashi sure looks interested in his new neighbour.


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