My Top Ten Generation Three Pokemon

Hoenn is a great region and I am reminded of that every single time I boot up my copy of Omega Ruby. The natural environment is stunning. Personally it’s my second favourite region behind my beloved Johto.

This list consists of a list of a mixture of Pokemon I loved based on design alone as a child when I played through the game for the first time and Pokemon I have grown to love through having them on my team consistently.




How could anyone not like a cute little pig on a spring. I remember the first time I ever ran into one at Jagged Pass. I had no idea that Spoink was even in the game due to it being 2003 and not everything about the game was released pre-release. So, I was surprised and I immediately caught one to use. Sadly, I couldn’t find much use for it but I still think that it is terribly cute!



Delcatty was on my first ever team. I really liked Skitty and eventually evolved it. Whilst not particularly great I managed to keep it throughout the whole game. I thought it was SO cute!



I remember the first time that I ever ran into an Absol. I found it so incredibly hard to catch. At the time I figured it was because it must be strong so I wasted what felt like a million PokeBalls until I had one. I really like the design!



I always feel like I go towards the Fire type starter. At least the first time I play through the game anyway. The only time I didn’t choose the Fire starter was when I was met with Chimchar as I had little interest in him. That said I end up falling for the Grass starters on the second play through. I had the most fun using both Bulbasaur and Chikorita respectively.
Blaziken is so great though. Speed Boost Blaziken is even better. I enjoy using it although I always end up naming them Kickin Chicken so that probably decreases the coolness somewhat.



Good old Wally catching a Ralts. How can he even catch one when the poor kid looks like he is so close to death? I spent SO long looking for one in the Grass. Almost to the point of smashing my head against the wall because that weird little red tumour headed Pokemon wouldn’t appear. It was worth the wait though because Gardevoir is an awesome addition to the party.



I think that there definitely needs to be more Dragon type Pokemon so I always choose them when I find them. I didn’t really like the evolution line though. Bagon is alright but Shelgon is just so strange.



Altaria is so cute and fluffy. I just want to give it a hug! This is the first Pokemon that I even think of when I think of Hoenn. Also I possibly often wonder what it would like if all of the clouds disappeared in a breeze. Would it just be a lanky blue thing? I have no idea!



I love the Latios and Latias pair but if I had to choose one I would choose Latias. I really loved them in the movie Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias. I also like that in the remakes you can use them to fly on the overworld.



I did say that I had a soft spot for Dragon typings and Flygon is no exception. Flygon is definitely one of the cooler looking designs from Hoenn. Honestly, I don’t really know anyone who has a Gen III only team and doesn’t include Flygon in it. So that is definitely saying something!



How can something so pretty come from something so ugly. I really disliked having to fish in random locations to try and find a Feebas to evolve. Then you have to force feed it so many things so that it can start to get a complex and think that it is beautiful. THEN it finally evolves and you get something amazing in Milotic!


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