Originally my plan for the weekend was to study for a Communication and Scholarship exam I had on Monday that I was very, very behind in. However, my friend Katey (@KRF91) asked me if I wanted to have a Naruto themed sleepover. Of course I said yes! I don’t think I could ever say no to my er, interest?

I started to think of things that we could do. We had been wanting to make a YouTube video for a while now so we decided that we should go through the manga together and review it. Her as a new reader and me having read it before. I thought about what I should call it and eventually decided on ‘Jonin vs. Genin’ as it felt appropriate.

Then I decided we had to cook something Naruto related and watch Naruto too. It seemed silly to watch the anime as it is so close to the end so I settled on movies.

13442152_10153492712167105_6216564580784249907_n (1)

Naturally we had to cook ramen for dinner. I have never cooked it before but having Googled ‘easy ramen recipes’ I felt somewhat confident. I couldn’t find any meat at the shops so we went without.

13435433_10153492711837105_5452632718690051608_n (1)

It actually turned out a lot better than I expected! Especially as I didn’t really know what I was doing! If I had to criticise it I would say it was a little bit bitter so next time I will have to remedy that!


Obviously we had to make dessert too! So we decided to make the Uchiha clan’s emblem in the form of a cake. Partly inspired due to the fact that I was wearing an Uchiha shirt and it’s easy shape.


I had the perfect shaped cake tins for the job!


Katelyn iced it into perfection! I almost didn’t want to eat it!


We then watched Road to Ninja. I thought the movie might be a little confusing but my Obito bias chose it anyway. I guess you need to have somewhat an understanding of the Infinite Tsukiyomi to get the plot. Either way I tried to explain it!

13450176_10153492711172105_2368121603342070201_n (1)

The next day we decided to make our Naruto video! I was pretty nervous as I have almost no experience but we just rolled with it and I am actually happy with how it turned out for a first attempt. We do intend on actually reviewing the whole series and are already in the process of reading the next few. So, by the time we are done – we’ll be amazing!

You can check out our video below!


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