[Top Ten] My Top Ten Anime Crushes.

Over the years there have been a few characters that have stood out to be in anime. Characters that have either been charming, intelligent or tragic. The first character that I ever found myself having a crush on was Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. As time went on I accumulated even more of these characters. After some thought these would be my Top Ten.

10Shota Kazehaya
‘Kimi ni Todoke’


“If you can tell me what you want to say, tell me then. I want to hear it… Because no matter what you say, my feelings won’t change.”

Kazehaya is without a doubt the most squeaky clean character on my list. He was so popular in middle school that the girls who also attended the school created a “Kazehaya is Everyone’s” alliance so that everyone could be his friend and no one would be jealous of anyone who had the chance to date him.

His relationship with Sawako is incredibly endearing. He is the first person to really talk and get to know her. Which then allows her to create her own friendships. Through the series their relationship really blossoms. Though it annoyingly takes a hit in Season 2 for no other obvious purpose than series longevity.


Levi Ackerman
‘Attack on Titan’


“This is just my cherished opinion, but I think that pain is the most effective means of discipline. What I think you need right now is not lecturing, but precept. And since you’re on your knees, you’re in just the right position to be easily kicked.”

The best thing about Levi is that he just doesn’t give a shit. Honestly. That’s what I like about him. Other than that he is incredibly intelligent and talented. One of my favourite creations in any series I have watched is the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment and so I have a soft spot for Levi as head of the Survey Corps.

I guess when you live with the possibility of being mauled by a titan everyday of your life you probably would harden. Even still Levi genuinely cares about his subordinates and seems distressed any time a life is lost.

I just can’t take him seriously in his cleaning gear. I don’t even understand.


Syaoran Li
‘Cardcaptor Sakura’


“Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.”

Li is a crush that I had when I was a child. I would race home from school so that I could watch Cardcaptors on Cartoon Network. I liked how stubborn he was. He was my first introduction to tsundere characters and now they are my favourite.

Li’s relationship with Sakura is cute as is his crush on Yukito. Whether or not it was just because of the magic that manifested inside Yukito.

I enjoyed his character even more once I eventually watched Cardcaptor Sakura as opposed to Cardcaptors which is a horribly butchered adaptation.


Kyo Sohma
‘Fruits Basket’


“Maybe I’m not perfect. Maybe I have a long way to go. But someday… someday I’ll be able to stand and walk on my own. Without hurting anyone… and without being a burden.”

Oh, Kyo. The only reason I would even rewatch Fruits Basket would be for Kyo. He is such a sad tragic character being that he is the incarnation of the cat. I just wanted to give him a hug the whole time.

Kyo is seen as a curse because he is the cat. The cat is not included in the Chinese Zodiac but it is believed it could have been if the rat didn’t trick it. Because of this his mother was constantly ridiculed about having the cat as a son and eventually committed suicide. Which his dad blamed him for.


Sousuke Sagara
‘Full Metal Panic!’


“Yes I’ve used a condom before. They can store up to 1 liter of water.”

Full Metal Panic is the only mecha anime that I enjoy. The characters really make the series and in particular Sousuke Sagara. His antics are so funny that they made a whole spin off series (Fumoffu?) based on the sillier side of the show.

It must be hard to adapt from being a child soldier to having to go to school and act like a normal teenager. Especially when the person you are guarding is being targeted by a terrorist organisation. So, I feel for Sousuke. He is doing all he can to fit in!




“It is my perception that a true friend never relies on another’s dream. A person with the potential to be my true friend must be able to find his reason for life without my help. And, he would have to put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. He would never hesitate to fight for his dream, even against me. For me, a true friend is one who stands equal on those terms.”

I feel so guilty for this one. Griffith is so awful. BUT HE WAS SO AMAZING FOR SO LONG. He was so handsome and strong. He had naked water fights with Guts and  the outtakes made his character shine even more. I’m just a girl who can’t say no rendition anyone? Even though his character takes a dark turn he still remains one of teenage year favourites.

It’s not even the fact that he turns evil that turns me off of him. I don’t mind evil characters. It’s the fact that he goes so.. Odd.


Son Gohan
‘Dragon Ball Z’


What are you so afraid of, Cell? Isn’t this what you wanted? I warned you. I told you what would happen if you pushed me too far. But you didn’t listen. You forced me to awaken my hidden power, and now that you’ve seen it, you’re afraid… because you know that I’m going to destroy you.

My childhood favourite. I absolutely loved Gohan growing up. I felt like I grew up with him. I used to watch Dragon Ball Z every single morning on Cheez TV before school. For me, Gohan reached his peak during the Cell Saga. He was SO cool and so strong. I used to stress every morning wondering if he would beat Cell or not. I would be on the edge of my seat. How could Goku just be like “Hey Gohan your time. Bye!”.

Thankfully he did defeat Cell! Not only that but he had some killer dialogue to go with it. This was definitely his greatest moment. It’s just a shame that it is ruined by the following saga and the birth of The Great Saiyaman.


Kakashi Hatake


“The hole in one’s heart gets filled by others around you. Friends won’t flock to someone who abandons the memory of his friends and gives up on the world just because things don’t go the way he wants them to. That won’t help fill the hole in your heart. And people won’t help those who run away and do nothing. As long as you don’t give up, there will always be salvation!”

I love sad, tragic characters. I feel so sorry for them and want to give them a hug. Kakashi in particular has an awfully tragic backstory that not many people seem to give him credit for. Losing his mother, father, Obito, killing Rin, his Sensei dying, joining ANBU and then then continuing to watch his village be repeatedly destroyed and people he cared for murdered. He has it pretty tough.

Regardless of that he is an interesting character because he doesn’t succomb to any of that and still strives to better the village and the lives of those around him.


L. Lawliet
‘Death Note’


“A dealer to a saver. I’ll tell you something that I think you’ll find interesting. Although this was announced as a worldwide broadcast, the truth is, we are only broadcasting in the Kanto region of Japan. I had planned to broadcast this message around the world until we found you, but it looks like that won’t be necessary. I know now where you are.”

L. The true hero of Death Note who lost way too early. The dynamic between L and Light really made the show with each one of them constantly on the others tails. L is smart and cunning. I was sold on him by the end of the second episode where he tricked Light into giving up his location instantly.

Slowly you learn more about him through the series as he reveals more of himself to Light ‘the first friend he ever had’. It’s so tragic as you know what the outcome is going to be.

L is such a loved character that the overwhelming consensus is that without him Death Note just isn’t the same and not as good. I can appreciate the second arc for what it is and I do enjoy some of the characters growth (looking at you Matsuda) but it still isn’t the same.


Obito Uchiha


“Look! There is nothing in my heart! I don’t even feel pain! You don’t have to feel guilty, Kakashi. This wind-hole was opened by this hell of a world.”

Yeah. There was never any doubt that Obito wouldn’t be my top choice. I love him. He ticks all of the boxes. Tsundere, tragic, broken. I just feel so sorry for him. He is so misunderstood online and no one seems to realise just why he became the person he did.

There’s two main reasons why I like him. The fact that his involvement in the story is crucial and without him a lot of it wouldn’t have happened. The other reason why I quite fancy him is because his story is just so sad. In a way I feel like I can relate to him. I mean I wasn’t crushed under a rock and I didn’t see the love of my life murdered by my best friend. Nor was I manipulated to be used as a tool in a war. Even so.. The feeling of not having anyone. Once Rin left him he felt like he was all alone and that life was worthless. Empty. I literally feel for him. It makes sense.

Anyway I would love to say that firstly Obito is a badarse. When you look back at it he created so many events in the story that led up to the Fourth Great Ninja War. He was the one who found out about Naruto’s birth place and extracted Kurama from Kushina. Releasing it and letting it attack Konoha, which in turn led to Naruto’s parents death and Naruto becoming Kurama’s Jinchuriki. He helped Itachi slaughter the Uchiha. He recruited strong missing-nin into the Akatsuki building it up to become a force to be reckoned with. He took control of the fourth Mizukage. He managed to capture seven of the tailed beasts (collecting chakra from eight and nine) and become the ten tails Jinchuriki. He’s pretty great.

On the other hand I just feel so sorry for him. He dreamed of becoming Hokage and worked hard to grow stronger. He had no family and the only friend he really had at the time was Rin. Obito was desperately in love with Rin and it hurt him to see that she herself was in love with Kakashi. He constantly had to endure being second best to Kakashi in battle ability and in love. Kakashi always let him know that he thought he was a worthless shinobi. During their last mission together when Kakashi was willing to leave Rin, Obito’s words changed him and they worked together to save her. Kakashi losing his eye and Obito awakening his Sharingan in the process. Once they rescued Rin the cave collapsed and Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi, giving him a Sharingan as a late Jonin gift.

Madara saved Obito and started to try to manipulate him into following his plans. Obito didn’t fall for it at first and just put all of his effort into recovery. Until Madara manipulated the event of Kakashi killing Rin and Obito being there at the right time with the help of White Zetsu to shatter Obito and be able to control him. Obito not wanting to live in a world without his only light Rin decided to help Madara achieve his dream that he believed would make the world a better place. Madara then started to use him as a pawn.

After all that Obito realised that he had just been misled and used the last of his chakra to reseal Kurama inside Naruto and sacrificed himself to help defeat Kaguya. In the end giving both of his eyes to Kakashi before moving on with Rin. Man, he’s so great. Without him the world would have been destroyed.


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