Pokemon 20 Party!


Pokemon 20 has brought along with it both an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and excitement as we look towards the future that is Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Although these last few weeks have been filled with me attempting to find a balance between full time work and full time university. I have still managed to find time to celebrate in my own little way.
I downloaded the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Yellow and have enjoyed it so far. It is fun to play with the generation one Pokemon who were overpowered only to fall apart in later generations.  Tauros and Persian are actually both worth using!

I also began to watch Pokemon X and Y with my husband. Wow! Kalos is beautifully animated. I always enjoyed its European aesthetic so it’s nice to see it animated so well. I liked that they included the Rhyhorn riding. I like that the older Pokemon are also included in the later generations.
Perhaps the most enjoyable thing that I have done is host a Pokemon party with fellow Pokenerds. We created a PokeBall pizza using cheese, pepperoni and olives. We also made a cheese platter in the same shape using strawberries, cheese and dark Maltesers. My friend made adorable jars that consisted of Daycare eggs, guess how many Caterpie and Mt. Chimney Lava  Cookies. We watched Pokemon Chronicles, played the virtual console titles and drank out of cute Pokemon mugs.

It was SO much fun! I hope we can do something similar for the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon.


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