[SIR] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Unboxed.

Anyone who has ever met me in their life probably knows that I think Naruto is a little bit alright. I was so, so hyped for Storm 4 and I preordered the Collector’s Edition a long time ago. The delay hurt me, especially in this last week. I made the most of my time and tried to finish off both Revolution and Storm 2 platinum trophies. I was successful with Revolution but failed with Storm 2. I managed to boost the 50 online wins but I just couldn’t complete all of the titles in time.



Even though I didn’t finish in time I was still really excited to unbox my Collector’s Edition. Gloomy weather and dodgy phone camera be damned!

The box was heavier than I had expected! I knew that the Collector’s came with a Naruto figure from The Last but that was it. I wanted the rest to be a surprise. The artwork of Rinnegan Sasuke and SoSP Naruto on the sides was nice! I kept the box.

Once I opened the box I was greeted with an artbook (Have I ever mentioned how much I love these?) of artwork and scenes from the Storm series over the years. The first thing I did was flip through the pages.

Then I investigated the rest of the goodies!

Included in the Collectors is the game itself, Storm Memories artbook, a Sasuke metal plate, a double sided steelbook with SoSP Naruto and Rinnegan Sasuke on each side and a 17cm Naruto figure from The Last.


I am completely happy with the Collector’s Edition and instantly added everything onto a shelf in my study.


Now to play!


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