[FF] Son Gohan and Keroberos.

This was my first attempt at drawing using PaintTool SAI. I am still definitely a beginner but I found so many helpful options that Krita lacked (or I just didn’t know where to look.) The option to stabilise your line is absolutely amazing. I find my lines are SO much straighter when I can see where they are going and can direct them more easily. The Magic Wand is also great. I was manually colouring in Krita and now being able to fill helps a lot. Especially with the eyedropper.

I wanted to draw Gohan as he is my favourite DragonBall Z character. At least up until Buu Saga! Son Gohan is absolutely adorable. I never realised that he had weirdly inverted eyebrows before. Also bubble Kanji sucks. I can write it normally but when it comes to writing it like that I struggle so badly. I spent more time on the Kanji than any other aspect of him.

I didn’t want to share Kero at first as it is the first drawing that I am not completely happy with. Kero was my first attempt at drawing something from my own perspective instead of seeing an image and replicating it. I wanted to see if I could draw him in a pose of my own. I decided to take on mid flight. I originally  wanted him to be happy but I drew those eyebrows and quite liked them. I also spent more time than I would care to admit on his mouth before giving up. My new Kero has eaten too much. Definitely something he would do!


I am thinking of drawing an actual banner for Fanart Friday. That will be a challenge!


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