[SUNDAY RECAP] 17th of January 2016

Another week has flown by and with that comes another Playing, Watching, Reading update.



Final Fantasy XIV


I started playing again three days ago! I used to play in 2013 but I never got into it. I made a new character and have already progressed further than I did previously. I am currently level 24 and smashing out the main quests. All of my friends who play are much higher than me and I want to reach end game as fast as possible. Normally the story is the main aspect of the game that I enjoy. However in MMO’s I always seem to skip through it. I am a space bar masher in RuneScape and I have been the same in FFXIV.

One of the smaller goals of mine is to find as many people with Naruto themed names on my server (Moogle) as possible. So far I have found three and have added them all! I bet there are more of you out there. I will find you and I will befriend you.



I finally bothered to complete Plague’s End. All that was stopping me was one Blue Charm that I could just not be bothered to get. Now I finally have access to Prif! Which is exciting and all but I feel that RuneScape is going to take a backseat to FFXIV for the next short while. RuneScape will come in handy when university starts and I can just afk skills. I will definitely be more active then. No XP waste!

Pokemon Omega Ruby


I put Pokemon Omega Ruby down as soon as I had beat the Elite Four. One of my friends has recently been talking to me about their current play through and it gave me the itch to play it again.  I had collected the National Dex on Pokemon X and now I want to do the same for Omega Ruby. I purchased Pokemon Bank this week and am about to start the process of transferring all of my Pokemon over to Omega Ruby.  Even with this done I will still have to breed and evolve many Pokemon until I achieve the Nat Dex again. With the monthly legendary events for Pokemon’s anniversary this year – it’s easier than ever before!

On the back of the anniversary hype I pre-ordered a Yellow 2DS for the anniversary. I just couldn’t help myself. If only the Green one launched here!



Naruto Shippuden: Infinite Filleryomi


Martin and I are about to pick Naruto up after not watching it for awhile. The fillers just kept piling up and as much as I don’t mind them; a year of them took its toll. The new fillers do seem interesting in their alternate reality story telling. It’s like Studio Pierrot became fan fiction writers. I am excited for Itachi Shinden to be animated though as that is technically canon. If you care about Itachi Shinden spoilers avoid the next line. It broke my heart to see how he murdered his own girlfriend. It was heartbreaking as he did it in the nicest possible way. I have only read the rough English summaries so I wonder about Obito’s appearance in the story. Since Itachi Shinden seems to focus on the massacre, one would imagine that Obito would be at least mentioned. I am excited!

The O.C


Californiaaaaa. Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A friend and I started to watch the first season again and now I have conned Martin into watching it with me. As a twelve year old girl I loved the teenage story arc and hated the parents. Now as a twenty-four year old I find myself enjoying the adult arcs a lot more than the teenagers. Should I even call them arcs? That seems very anime like. Regardless, I was a Seth fan and I feel that I still am. He’s a nerd and I am definitely down with that. We have almost finished season one.


Kakashi’s Story – Lightning In The Frozen Sky


I will never get used to the English name. I always refer to it and go to type Kakashi Hiden: Lightning In The Icy Sky. I took this to the hospital to finish off but I never got a chance. I have read the Japanese version and wrote about that. Kakashi’s Story is so, so much better though as I can understand so much more. So many little things that I missed in the Japanese release that I have now picked up in the English version. Especially in regards to how attracted Kakashi initially was to Kahyo. It’s nice to see him act as a normal human being instead of his stony faced self in the Naruto series!

When I finish reading the English version I will post an updated piece about my opinion on the novel. I still have Shikamaru Hiden and Sakura Hiden to follow. Shikamaru releases in English next month. Hopefully Akatsuki Hiden releases in English this year too.


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  1. I imagine many people will buy a new handheld because of the classic Pokemon games. FF14 is an awesome game, but I just don’t have enough time to play it anymore. On the plus side your friends can still group with you thanks to level scaling.

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