2016 For Cilla vs. Games.

2016 is going to be a hell of a year for both Cilla vs. Games and my offline life. I’m excited by all of the big things that I have planned. So far in 2016 I have already purchased my first new car and finished enrolling into university to study Secondary Education and Japanese. Later on in the year we are planning on moving to a new home, saving for our own home and eventually expand our own family.

In regards to Cilla vs. Games there are so many exciting pathways I want to take. For Christmas I received a new headset and a decent camera for streaming on the PC. I also purchased a PlayStation Camera for PS4 streaming. In the upcoming weeks I will begin to start streaming here and there to test the waters. I think it will be amazing to interact with people who enjoy similar games to myself; whether it be RuneScape, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon’s Dogma or something else entirely. If all goes well I will purchase a 3DS capture card too!

With my new gear I also plan on uploading some more videos to my YouTube channel. Currently it looks a little sad at a measly three videos. I have a few content ideas already and I can’t wait to work on them!

Ideally I wanted to blog every single day but being hospitalised at the start of the year prevented that from happening. I realise that is probably too much for me to take on so ideally I want to manage three-four blogs a week. That is my goal for 2016.

I never have a set goal in regards to the game department itself. It depends on if I continue to heavily play RuneScape and Final Fantasy XIV or if I feel compelled to earn platinum’s throughout the year. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for JRPG’s so currently I just want to play and complete as many games as I can! Two MMO subscriptions will probably hinder that somewhat.

All in all, I am incredibly excited to see what I will have achieved by the end of 2016. No matter what it is, I will be proud of my efforts. To me Cilla vs. Games is something I love to do. It’s fun! Video games and anime are the two hobbies I am most invested in and I can never talk about them enough!

..Maybe the Naruto Shippuden filler will even end in 2016?


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