[WW]Participating in #DatingSimonth


Dating Sims have always intrigued me. There have been so many that I have looked at and wanted to play but never found the time. Growing up I enjoyed the dating mechanic in the Harvest Moon series. Harvest Moon and Rune Factory have really been the only games with dating mechanics that I have dabbled in; other than a little Hatoful Boyfriend and Katawa Shoujo.

When I saw that Chic Pixel’s game-along genre for January was Dating Sims I had to participate. I asked online what good Otome games were available on a tight budget and the majority of people mentioned Sweet Fuse.


The premise sounded really interesting and sold me on the game. I went to see how much a physical copy was and the $100 price tag was somewhat off putting. I generally buy physical games as opposed to digital but I may have to make an exception in this case.

My other consideration was Rune Factory 4. I imported both the game and a US 2DS when it came out as there was no announcement in regards to a PAL release and I was still riding on the high that was the Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny double platinum. So many other games came out during that time and my copy is embarrassingly still sealed. The dating elements make Rune Factory 4 both a great candidate for the months game-along and a game that I can take off my backlog. My only concern is the games length and if I will be able to finish it on time. I always find I spend more time on console games as opposed to handhelds. My 3DS is about to be xonsumed with me working on the National Dex on Pokemon Omega Ruby with a friend. I am working on the platinum for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution before the next installment releases early next month. I also have two current MMO subs – RuneScape and Final Fantasy XIV. With that I still think I can finish Rune Factory 4 this month. How Long To Beat has the main story for Rune Factory 4 listed at 65 hours. I wonder how true that is.

So that is where I stand. The longer I take to make a decision; the less time I have to play it! Ideally I wanted a game that was cheap and roughly twenty hours or less. I’m not sure if I am going to find such a game though.


4 responses to “[WW]Participating in #DatingSimonth

  1. Rune Factory 4 is really good. If you are looking for Otome games there have been a few releases recently on the Vita.

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