All of my life I have idolised people who can draw. From the days of being envious of other’s Neopet Beauty Contest entries to admiring amazing non-canon fanart. In second grade I started a business drawing what classmates wanted, contacting it and selling it as a placemat for 20 cents. Sadly, that business didn’t take off.

I received a Wacom tablet in June as I wanted to finally give drawing a serious go. You’re never too late to start after all! It still seemed daunting and I finally started to try three days ago. I downloaded Krita and so far I am impressed. I have only just learnt how amazing layers can be. It’s fantastic being able to draw and colour without fear of ruining the entire image.

My biggest gripe with my own ability is not being able to draw a straight line. Especially on tablet. How can a line be so hard? I feel like my circles turn into squares. I need a steadier hand! I am learning to shade too. I know it’s only been three days and in the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. I just want to be able to draw a line!

I am currently trying to draw something every single day. It doesn’t matter what it is! In a years time I want to come back and see how much I have improved. Hopefully quite substantially!

Day One

Day Two

I can only get better from here, right? Does anyone have any advice? I have already been told that I should try doing more shapes freehand instead of relying on the line and circle tools. I think that is the best looking part of the whole thing though. I did a quick five minute free hand drawing of Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura on the third day and it looks incredibly awful. I only saved it in the hope that I will look back at it and see how far I have come!



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