[ANIME] Naruto Shippuden OP18 (LINE – Sukima Switch) and ED35 (Trouble Maker – KANIKAPILA)

Noo! OP17 and ED34 were so good. I wasn’t ready for them to leave – not just yet!

LINE is a lot softer than the previous few openings. It is less ‘rocky’ and more heartfelt. To be the little blue crystal that they are chasing symbolises their dreams and their attempt to reach them. Many of them sadly don’t. Naruto catching his in the end is a sign of things to come. At least for anime only viewers!
The saving grace of the opening (for me at least) is the Kakashi/Obito character progression. It’s the first time that they have been put side by side and aged like that. They are my favourite pair/rivalry and I am not afraid to admit that I fangirl over them – just a little bit.

As much as I dislike Kaguya as a character, I was happy with her little Madara interaction too. I was hoping their would be more canon material in the opening as a sign that the fillers would be ending soon. I mean, we’ve had like, eight manga episodes this year? Ridiculous! I’m not quite sure how to feel about that.

Trouble Maker on the other hand is just plain odd. It is a lot more upbeat than LINE so feels more like the opening. How many themes do we need where Naruto is just running? Seriously, he is always running! It just seems lazy. Show us something interesting. Why not someones dreams from inside Infinite Tsukuyomi since you enjoy the filler so much? Or even some more emotional character backstories similar to ED28 – Niji. We could even explore Kakashi or Jiraiya more. I don’t know. Anything but Naruto running! I normally really enjoy the endings; however, this time I am glad that they change quite frequently. Ugh!.


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