[FANFIC] The Sixth Hokages Rival Chapters Two and Three.

Guys. I have a lot going on for me right now so I haven’t been able to post too often. The attempt at posting one entry a day failied miserably. I suppose it was off to a bad start as I didn’t realise it was already a few days into September when I started.

So I have decided that from October I will attempt to blog more often. Though I do have two holidays coming up then too! I have a lot of ideas and very little time. I have written the next chapter of my fanfic and thought it would be nice to link you with the previous two entries.

Chapter Two – The Copy Ninja

Chapter Three – The Missing Ninja

Chapter Four will be up late tonight after some final editing!

So, I am sorry once again for the slow updates but come October things will be back to normal. I am excited for everything that the future holds.

I love you guys!


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