[INTERNET FINDS] Learn Japanese With Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

There’s two things I love – Pokemon and Japanese! Today as I was browsing Reddit, I stumbled upon a link to a video that taught Japanese through Pokemon. I was a little skeptical though I still clicked the link and I was pleasantly surprised. The creator takes the time to go through each word and phrase with you. They tell you what words can mean in different situations and how to work out the correct tense/context.

I found the videos to be really enjoyable. I could listen to them while playing a video game and still understand what was happening. I suppose if you can’ read basic Japanese it might help to watch the video. Most people who are interested in going further probably can though!

The episodes are VERY slow going. I started with Episode 9 and they were just getting the Town Map. Literally every sentence is explained to you. I will definitely be following as I have already picked up some new vocabulary.

I hope that you find these videos of some use!


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