[GAMES] Oh, The Last Guardian, I Have Always Loved You.

There are two special things about today. One is that I received a Facebook Memory from 2010.

I can remember posting this. I was living in England and I was incredibly excited about The Last Guardian. The trailer was amazing and after playing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus I was already sold. I complained to Martin that 2011 was SO far away and I would never be able to play it.

Five years later and it still hasn’t released. I still want it so badly as I did then. I always believed that it was still a thing – not vapourware! As a result of my desperation to get a copy of the game: any little tidbit released about the game interests me. Today I got to see a life-size version of Trico! In GIF format! This definitely made my day and I am so incredibly excited to share it with you!

It looks like Trico will follow your movements in game and react to you accordingly. Bring on the release!


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