[ANIME] My Top Ten Naruto Shippuden Openings & Endings.

I thought I had already done this list! I had a look last night and it turns out I hadn’t. I have done my Top 10 OP/ED for anime. I have also done my Top 10 video game openings. Since there are SO many different Shippuden OP/ED and they are basically all I listen to – I figured I should write a list of these.

I chose them not only based on the song itself but the video. So many of them are played at perfect moments in the anime and are incredibly sad! It was hard to order the ones further down. The Top Five are perfect.. Then it got a little bit tricky!

虹(Niji) – Shinkuu Horou (ED28)

This was always going to be my number one. I love Niji. The song is amazing. I know it of by heart. The lyrics are incredibly fitting in regards to Obito’s life. It is just so sad! This is the first OP/ED that I insisted that my husband not skip when we watched it. I just needed it in my life. If there was ever proof that Obito has had a bit of a rough ride – this song is it!

紅蓮 (Guren) – DOES (OP15)

I love Guren. The vocals are amazing. I like that it shows Naruto vs. Sasuke and then Kakashi vs. Obito. It was also at an emotional part of the series as it involved Neji’s death. The Obito vs. Kakashi fight is included in the opening which really sold it for me. That fight is the best animated in the series. So seeing it again is always a welcome sight. Plus they totally have a bit of bromance going on. Poor guys.

“FLAME” – DISH// (ED29)

You’ve probably noticed that most of these OP/ED are during the same time period. Most of them take place during the War. In a way that is due to the fact that there has been SO much filler during the war that there has been more OP/ED during the time. The other reason is just because it has been my favourite part of the anime.
The Team Minato photo, Kakashi at the grave and Obito losing Rin are all such emotional aspects. Kakashi’s face as he realised that he was fighting Obito is also a bit gut wrenching.
..Yes it also includes the Kakashi vs. Obito fight :).

シルエット(Silhouette) – KANA-BOON (OP16)

This is such a good opening. It grew on me as I felt like it was airing for such a long time. I missed it when it left. I like that it has the development of Obito, Madara and Naruto. From child to Jinchuriki. Well technically Naruto was already one. More powerful at least! My favourite part of the opening is something that doesn’t even happen in the show: Susanoo riding Kurama. That would have been amazing if it actually happened.

月の大きさ (Tsuki no Ookisa) – Nogizaka46 (OP14)

This opening would be higher if it didn’t use cuts from the anime of people talking! Specifically Itachi and Madara. It really bugs me. It doesn’t go with the music and it just looks cheap! Lucky the song is catchy and I really like the red saturation. I also like the final bit where it pauses on Obito, Kakashi and Guy. It has an olden style feel to it. Where a show would pause on a character in the credits.

“Long Kiss Goodbye” – HALCALI (ED7)

The lyrics of this song are so sad and it fits in perfectly with what is happening in the series. Asuma died and everyone is devastated. If you take that into account when you watch the ending. Ahh so sad!

Toumei Datta Sekai – Motohiro Hata (OP7)

Jiraiya dying was incredibly sad. As is the realisation of how Nagato got to that part. Pain’s invasion on the Hidden Leaf was intense. Seeing clips of Sai getting pushed aside, Konan getting attacked and then finally Naruto deciding to rock up at the right time in Sage Mode. It was great. You just wanted to know what was going to happen!

もしも (Moshimo) – Daisuke (OP12)

The Nagato/Itachi fight was really good. You also feel sorry for Gaara as his life has been pretty awful – even for Naruto standards. Then you get pumped because Obito is coming with his pose of Jinchuriki. If you just think of those parts of the opening and ignore Naruto obviously looking for Sasuke everywhere, it’s really good!

 風 (Kaze) – 山猿 (Yamazaru) (OP17)

I love the art style of this opening. It looks so traditionally Japanese. That is why I fell in love with it. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke all have beautiful panels. It was airing during filler and pumped me up for the Guy vs. Madara fight. As well as the Sage of the Sixth Paths. It does have yucky Kaguya in it though.

U Can Do It! – Domino (ED15)

My favourite Naruto fights are the ones that are based on basic jutsu and hand to hand combat. The DBZ-esque god fights don’t really do a lot for me. I like this ending because it focuses on pure fighting. Naruto verses Konohamaru, Neji. Lee and Tenten. It’s really nice seeing so many different fighting styles.


4 responses to “[ANIME] My Top Ten Naruto Shippuden Openings & Endings.

  1. ending 30 and opening 18 were the best for me. try downloading the full version of both and you’ll see just how great they are.

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