[INTERNET FINDS] I Am Not A Pokemon Master After All.

I just spent the last fifteen minutes furiously typing the names of the first 151 Pokemon in an attempt to get them all correct. I was going well until the last couple of minutes when I got stumped. Even reciting a few verses of the PokeRap didn’t help me.

I can’t believe that I almost forgot the Eeveelutions.

Have a turn here and let me know what you get!

Here are my results! A few of them I was kicking myself for missing. Oh well. Apparently I still did better than most people so that isn’t too bad! Playing hundreds of hours of Pokemon definitely led me to this moment.

I wonder how I would do on a Gold and Silver version. I did spend more time on that than the originals. Let’s see..

Hm. Not as good as I thought. Maybe a replay is in order?

Try Gen II here!


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