[GAMES] The Whirlwind of Emotions I Felt Obtaining My Shiny Rayquaza.

I admit, I’m a little bit lazy. My favourite past time consists of lying on my bed or the floor reading the same top threads on NeoGAF over and over again because I can’t be bothered thinking of something else to do. Somehow this activity keeps me occupied for hours.

Keeping that in mind I was incredibly excited to receive the code for the Shiny Rayquaza towards the beginning of last month. I couldn’t wait to use it – tomorrow. A few days later I remembered I had to get my Rayquaza and went to turn my 3DS on. It was dead. Of course it was! I can’t remember the last time I used it and it is always on stand by mode. I figured I would charge it eventually. I kept that promise to myself and charged it. It went flat before I even looked at it again.

Enough was enough. I told my husband to remind me to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow rolls around and he reminded me. I didn’t do it. I am sure you can see where this is going.

My lazy tale brings me to today, I was lying in bed this morning and suddenly remembered that I had to use the code before it expired. I turned to my husband and asked him when it expired and he replied it already had. This really annoyed me as I had missed out on the last four or five WI-FI events due to the same reasons.

(Feel free to donate your event Pokemon to me)

I took my 3DSXL out of its case and turned it on. To my surprise it actually had power. This was definitely a good start. I took the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon cart out and eagerly replaced it with Pokemon Omega Ruby. Then I went to find the code. I looked in every box, behind every game and with all of my paperwork and it was nowhere to be seen. Ugh! Eventually I found it behind my 3DS games. A place where I had already looked twice.

Shiny Rayquaza will look so badarse sitting my my bank I thought as I sat down to put the code in. I noticed the date on the card and my heart sunk. I was still determined to try as I heard that the Mega Gengar was still obtainable a week after code expiry.

I took a deep breath and made it towards the Mystery Gift options. When that failed I realised I hadn’t updated my 3DS to my new internet settings. After a few failed attempts I was ready to go. Back into Mystery Gift I went and then I was notified that I had to update my system. Ugh! I watched the update slowly complete as I shovelled spoons of Nutra-Grain into my mouth. Finally it was done! I angrily hit the buttons as I made my way back into Mystery Gift again. At this point I was annoyed that this was going to be all for nothing. Once I accessed Mystery Gift I was told that Pokemon Omega Ruby itself needed to update.

Oh my god. At least redirect me to the update instead of me having to go into the E-Shop and get it myself. I stumbled around looking for it until I gave up and searched myself. At least the update itself didn’t take too long. I was sure after that nothing stood between this shiny Rayquaza and I; except that the event had ended.

I went into Mystery Gift and was finally able to input my code. I checked it twice and then submitted it..

Holy. I put more effort into obtaining this Rayquaza than Ash Ketchum puts into keeping his own Pokemon around.

All was well until I noticed this..

What year is it?


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