[FANFIC] The Sixth Hokages Rival.

I have previously mentioned that I have been enjoying a lot of fanfiction lately. Both the good where I can continue to feel invested in the characters and the bad where I can laugh and hope that it was the work of a troll. I was disappointed that even the fanfics that I found to be really good didn’t tell the characters stories in the way that I wanted them to be told. I sat on this thought for a little while as I figured I was too old to write a fanfic. A few days later I was hanging out with my husband and friend and I mentioned that I was thinking about writing my own. We all agreed to write our own set in different universes.

This morning I woke up and made a FanFiction.net account. I spent more time deliberating on a title (I am still not sure..) than writing the first chapter. I was really happy with how it turned out. Sticking close to canon is really important to me as that is what I find personally enjoyable. At the same time I am giving life to a dead character so it’s a fine line I don’t want to cross. I really believe I kept the character alive in the most believable way possible.

Originally I was only going to post it on FanFiction,net under an alias and nothing else as I was embarrassed. FanFiction.net has a rule where you can’t post new stories as a new member for a certain period of time so that was deflating. So to pass the time I am going to share my first chapter with you. It’s only 800 words so I suppose it is more of a prologue. Either way this is kind of scary for three reasons.

  1. I have never published my writing online.
  2. It’s Naruto
  3. People I personally know will see that I have written it.

Anyway thank you in advance for taking the time to read it. Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: All characters are the work of Masashi Kishimoto. I do not own any Naruto characters. I just can’t let the story go yet!

The Sixth Hokages Rival

“…Rin?” Obito rubbed his eyes but the girl was still there when he opened them again.
“I’ve been waiting.” Rin was sitting next to him now. He could feel her chakra brush up against his cheek, slowly lifting up his hand up and eager to indulge himself in the company of another. As his fingers grazed his cheek he was shocked to feel smooth human skin.
“Really? I’m sorry to have kept you…”  He stuttered propping himself up. “I kinda got lost all over the place on the way…  Yeah a lot has happened while I was on my way here.”
Rin reached up and took his hand. Obito felt his heart beat thud in his chest:  a feeling long lost due to the accident that crushed half of his body, resulting in his Zetsu surrogate. In this instant he felt absolutely pathetic. One of the strongest shinobi reduced to a heart pounding mess on the floor all because of a girl?
Obito finally broke the silence. “Rin.. I made a promise to you.”
“Yeah..  And you tried your hardest all of this time didn’t you? I’ve always been watching you Obito.”
Obito quickly wiped a tear as it left his eye “Oh damn! I have something in my eye…” he muttered.
Rin smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Kakashi.”
Before he knew it Obito had started to laugh – a full laugh that started from his belly and created waves through his chest. This is what he had been fighting so hard to achieve for all of those long, lonely years. Every sacrifice had led him to this moment. He reached out his hand to brush Rin’s cheek and was visibly shocked as he passed right through her body.
“Rin? What is happening?” he scrambled to embrace her but fell to the floor. “This shouldn’t be happening! This can’t happen again. It happened when I found you the first time when you were..”
“Dead?” Rin interjected.
“Yes. I couldn’t control Kamui but I can now. We are both dead. Why can’t I touch you?”
Rin stood up.  “Obito.. You’re not dead.”
To Obito’s horror, Rin’s silhouette started to fade. “I’m not going to lose you again Rin. I have loved you all of this time. You are all I have!”
“I’ll be waiting for you!” Rin smiled as she vanished from view.

“RIN… RIN!” Obito yelled as he came to in what appeared to be a sterile room. As soon as he sat up he was met with an incredible pain around his stomach, and branching outwards with searing heat. Flinging himself back down onto the bed he ran his fingers over the bandages tightly wound around his wound.
“Damn that Hashirama DNA…” he muttered. “Why can’t I just die?” He covered his face with his arms, the rough feeling of his damaged face a cruel reminder that he was still alive.

“You’re finally awake. How are you feeling now Obito?” a familiar voice asked softly.
Obito slid his arm over his face just enough to make out the figure standing over him.
“Why am I alive?” he growled, clearly angered by this state of affairs.
“You saved us! We couldn’t have defeated Kaguya without you. You’re a hero!” she beamed.
Obito groaned as he propped himself up. Anger building up inside him as he met her gaze with his copy-wheel eye: the Uchiha bloodline trait, his Sharingan. A reminder of the humanity he once shared with his fellow Leaf Ninja,
“I am not a hero. I am your enemy! I was the one who released the Nine Tails to wreck the Hidden Leaf, I aided Itachi in the Uchiha Massacre, I murdered so many people that you love and still thousands more. I started a war, the FOURTH GREAT NINJA WAR-” He spat.
“But…” she interrupted, obviously hurt.
“GET OUT SAKURA!” he barked.
His Sharingan trailed Sakura as she silently left the room. He sighed desolately, before slouching back against the wall in pain.
“You know..” Obito jumped at the unexpected voice. “Sakura has stayed by your side for a week. No one thought you would make it but Sakura was so determined that she almost fully depleted her chakra reserve, her ‘extensive’ chakra reserve at that, to save you. She hasn’t slept or rested this whole time.”
Obito turned his head towards the direction of the voice. He made out the silhouette of his old rival calmly sitting on the window sill. Despite his stare Kakashi didn’t divert his gaze from the book he was reading.
“Shut up stupid Kakashi” he spat, looking away with a trace of defeat in his candour, then glancing back at his former teammate.
Obito studied Kakashi as he silently shoved his copy of ‘Icha Icha Paradise’ into his jacket and walked towards the door. “Cry baby.” Kakashi teased as he left the room, continuing down the sterile hospital hallway until his presence was nothing but a shadow of his chakra, left behind.


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