[REVIEW] Triple Triad (Final Fantasy Portal)


Triple Triad is amazing. It’s the best mini-game that I have ever played. I spent hundreds of hours playing it in Final Fantasy VIII and hundreds more playing it standalone on Triple Triad Advance. No other mini-game has captivated me in such a way that I would rather play the mini-game itself standalone as opposed to a time waster in between plot continuation. So I was incredibly excited to see that it was added with the Final Fantasy Portal. I made a new SE ID (I forgot I had one.. Somehow) and off I went.


What I Liked

Everything? I like that the complete set of card spans all of the Final Fantasy games. It makes collecting them at the end of battles a lot more interesting than if they stuck to the set from Final Fantasy VIII. The rules are the same and are quite enjoyable. As a child Plus and Same confused me, now however they are a breeze.

The thing that I enjoy the most is that Shuffle and Boogie is still used in each match. Shuffle and Boogie is my favourite song from the Final Fantasy VIII OST and so I was very excited with that addition!


What I Didn’t Like

Freemium, I never play mobile games. I feel like they are a waste of my time and don’t count for much. I’m generally not a fan of micro-transactions either. I am willing to put this aside to play Triple Triad. You get five blue crystals, each one representing your ability to play a match. They take half an hour each to replenish so a total of two and a half hours in between total playtime. Ugh. I would happily pay $10 or $15 for an unlimited pass. The current model lets you buy more crystals to keep playing and I have no interest in doing that.

Have Some Ear Candy


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