[BLOG] Harry Potter Trivia Night!


On Wednesday night a group of friends and I went to a pub in my town to participate in Harry Potter trivia. Our team named ’99 Problems But A Snitch Ain’t One’ was made up of six people. There were four rounds of questions each consisting of ten questions. I assumed I would be awful at them as I have only read the books when they released and generally don’t remember minor details. However all but two or three questions were really easy.

We even included a lot of extra information. No bonus points were allocated for our efforts. How unfair. I bet no one included the ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion or multiple Elder Wands facts. We ended up coming second by one point with 38 out of 40. First was 39 out of 40.. How sad! This meant we were entered into sudden death with three other teams. We ended up winning on the third round of sudden death. Second place isn’t that bad though, right?

As the self appointed  team leader I nominated myself to receive the winnings. I guess it helped that I am literally the only person around the area to use it. A win for me!

The pub that hosted the night said that they may not host any future trivia nights. How disappointing! It was surprisingly a lot of fun. They had previously hosted a Game of Thrones night a few weeks prior, however I didn’t attend as I figured a lot of the questions would be too hard unless they were show based. Still.. Seems like there would be more hardcore GoT fans than me! We did suggest Dragon Ball, Star Wars and Naruto though. I feel like I could get every Naruto question right though. Name each Tailed Beast and in order? Sure can!

Overall it was a really fun night! I am always interested in attending anything remotely nerdy. So it was great to see that there was something in the area!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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