[ANIME] Dragon Ball Super Episode Two

The second episode of Dragon Ball Super continued to impress. Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks went on a family vacation as a reward for Trunks landing a hit on Vegeta. Vacation did not change Vegeta as evident by him standing on the airship as Bulma attempted to manoeuvre it, only to be hit in the face by an octopus. Sadly not Vegeta’s only run in with an octopus in this episode.

No one seemed too phased by the amount of food that they consumed. Lucky Bulma is able to pay the bill. Did she pay though as it just looked like they dined and dashed. Typical Vegeta. It was only a little ink..

You can see Vegeta’s inner turmoil as he struggles between family life and training to be on par with Goku, This all comes to a head as the trio watch a concert and the large crowd pushes Vegeta around. The final blow came when he was called ‘old man’ and left. Poor Vegeta.

Beerus is interesting. I wonder what his end game will be.

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