[ANIME] Dragon Ball Super

Let’s be honest for a moment. I had zero expectations going into Dragon Ball Super after the wreck that was Dragon Ball GT. As a child I was literally in love with Gohan and he was ruined! Nevertheless I was incredibly excited to hear about Dragon Ball Super. A new animated series after eighteen whole years? Memories of my childhood, quickly getting ready for school so that I could sit down with my cousins and watch Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z before we had to go to school. Running to friends at lunch so that we could talk about what happened in the latest episode. The world was a totally different place when I experienced Dragon Ball Z!

So I am rather excited to say that after watching the first episode I have strangely high expectations for the series. Please don’t let me down!

I just want to see Vegeta on his family holiday..

It’s good to see that everyone has returned to form. Goten and Trunks at their best (Kid Trunks is definitely best Trunks), Goku happy to abandon his family as soon as possible and Satan well.. He’s just Satan. Videl seems totally different though. I remember her as a really hard, strong woman and now she seems the polar opposite.

The opening and ending themes are quite catchy too! I am really quite picky and there is nothing better than an anime that makes me want to watch the opening and ending themes every single time.

Chouzetsu☆Dynamic! – Kazuya Yoshii ( (超絶☆ダイナミック! -吉井和哉)

How lovely is the animation! I know I am comparing it to Dragon Ball Z which is a lot older but still. It is so lovely to see the Dragon Ball world look so crisp and beautiful!

Hello Hello Hello – Good Morning America

My final question is why does Gohan look like such a derp. He was so amazing and now.. Just look at him! Chichi definitely go the best of him.

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