[REVIEW] Kirby’s Adventure Wii

Kirby’s Adventure Wii

If you are a fan of Kirby you should definitely try out this title!

I have had this title in my backlog since launch. I had started to play it with my brother as we enjoyed running through Kirby’s Epic Yarn together. We both felt like Kirby’s Adventure lacked the same sort of charm that Epic Yarn possessed. For this reason it was shelved in my backlog until last night.

What I Liked

I liked that the game itself was simple. While JRPG’s are my favourite genre, they burn me out so fast. Sometimes it is nice to have a game where you don’t need to sit there and grind for hours or worry that you have missed something important. I had a friend over and we chose to play Kirby’s Adventure together. The co-op is fantastic as it allows you to have up to four players at a time with the ability to drop in and drop out whenever they please. You have your choice of being a Kirby clone or the three other main characters.

The story is fairly simple. Someone has crashed on your planet and you volunteer to help them repair their ship in typical Kirby style. The game is filled with nostalgia from enemies from past games to the tree boss that throws apples at you.

I spent the first half of the game in co-op and the second half alone. The game is incredibly easy played solo. You could just float through the levels if you wanted to, you don’t really need to collect anything and killing enemies tends to be optional a lot of the time. Most of my deaths were due to not taking the game seriously and having fun with it. However the final boss throws you a curve ball as compared to the rest of the game he is incredibly difficult.

What I Disliked

suppose this may be due to me playing the game six hours straight as well as while I was sick and sleepy but I felt like the game really dragged on. I had heard that the game was really short so by the time I finished the first world and repaired the ship I was ready for the game to end. I was actually a little disappointed when it didn’t end and reluctant to continue. I ended up finishing the next world as it was a lot shorter than the first and then the game. Only for the sake of finishing it.

I feel like the game shone when I had the ability to speed through the levels. Whether that be sliding from ice or working a good run up by perfectly timing my jumps and attacks. Some of the water levels also incorporated this element with the water currents. Sadly I felt like this element was sparsely used and most of the time the game felt slow. I could hardly tell whether Kirby was walking or running.

Overall I did enjoy my time with Kirby’s Adventure. I am happy that I have played the game though I have no desire to go back and try out any of the extra content. If you are a fan of Kirby you will enjoy the game. Otherwise I suggest you find something else to play as at its heart Kirby’s Adventure is a very basic platformer.

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2 responses to “[REVIEW] Kirby’s Adventure Wii

  1. I enjoyed this game and probably would have liked it more had I been able to enjoy the co-op features. Yes it’s easy and short, but then again so are most Kirby games.

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